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Air Separation Module Kit Market Anticipated to Create Considerable Opportunities for Key Players by 2032

Introduction to the Market for Air Separation Module Kits

Hydrogen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, oxygen, and other industrial gases have been widely used commodity chemicals in a variety of industries, including metallurgy, chemical processing, and electronics.

The air separation module kit has been widely used in the inerting system for the production of commodity chemicals inside fuel tanks, lowering oxygen levels and reducing the risk of explosion.

The rapid growth in natural and shale gas production, as well as the growing number of gas processing and biogas projects, has accelerated the adoption of air separation module kits.

On the back of their use in the steel industry, pharmaceutical industry, metal and steel industry in the production processes of flat screens, solar cells, glass, motor vehicles, and electronics devices, air separation module kits are gaining popularity.

With the widespread adoption of air separation module kits, air separation techniques are gradually being re-engineered, with a focus on improving overall efficiency by lowering the high capital costs and energy required for the air separation process, which is expected to boost the air separation module kit’s growth.

Market for Air Separation Module Kits – New Developments

Due to a large number of participants focusing on meeting the demand generated by end-users, the air separation module kit market remains highly competitive, which has further boosted the sales prospects of their products.

Significant players’ key strategies include strategic mergers and acquisitions, productive collaboration, agreements, portfolio diversification through new product launches, and business expansion.

Honeywell International, Air Liquide Advanced Separations LLC, Parker-Hannifin Corporation, Air Products and Chemicals Inc., Schlumberger Ltd., UBE Industries Ltd., FujiFilm Manufacturing Europe B.V., Atlas Copco AB, Membrane Technology and Research Inc., Evonik Industries, and Generon LLC are some of the major players in the air separation module kit market.

In May 2018, Air Products and Chemicals Inc. and Royal Dutch Shell signed a productive agreement with the intention of gaining access to patent portfolios for biomass and coal gasification, as well as sharing patent rights for residue and biomass gasification. This move will help the company expand its synthesis gas offerings.
Honeywell International was awarded a contract by Dangote Oil Refinery in April 2017 to provide technology licencing, critical equipment, and design services, as well as to oversee the development of the world’s largest single-train refinery. Dangote will have access to Honeywell processes such as RFCC, CCR Platforming, Butamer, Penex, and Unicracking as part of the agreement, which will help the refinery perform better.

The Application of Nitrogen Separation Will Play a Major Role in the Growing Market for Air Separation Module Kits

Separation of nitrogen, among other gas separation applications, is expected to sustain demand for air separation module kits due to its widespread use in a variety of industrial applications.

The cost-effectiveness of the kits as compared to other traditional methodologies is also expected to drive sales of air separation module kits.

Due to the significant increase in demand for oxygen and nitrogen enrichment from various industries, players in the air separation module kit market are focusing on improving the features of their products, which is expected to increase their desirability, influencing market growth.

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