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Air Purifier Market Revenue Analysis Report

Air Purifier Market

Growing airborne infections and rising levels of pollution in urbanized areas are projected to boost the global air purifier market. Furthermore, better standards of living, greater health awareness, and increased disposable income are likely to drive expansion of global air purifier market. In the forthcoming years, the market is expected to be driven by increased uptake of air pollution control systems, particularly in developing countries around the world. The increased awareness of a healthy lifestyle, particularly amongst the urban youth, is likely to contribute considerably to market development. Moreover, several efforts to control air pollution are carried out by governments and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) throughout the world are likely to promote development of the global air purifier market in the next few years to come.

Demand for Air Purifiers to Ride on the Back of Deteriorating Air Quality

In the next few years, the global air purifier market is likely to be driven by more consumer awareness of the benefits of air purifiers, changing lifestyle choices, deteriorating indoor air quality, and rising health concerns. On the other hand, the high maintenance costs and deployment of air purifiers is expected to limit their use.

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HEPA filters are particularly efficient in smoke, dust, trapping pollen, and biological pollutants in the air. The higher quality and consistency of HEPA filters in eliminating airborne particles is expected to drive product adoption in the global market.

Activated carbon or activated charcoal filters are made up of microscopic bits of carbon that have been treated with oxygen to open up the pores of carbon atoms. This helps to increase the carbon surface area and porousness, which improves the carbon’s capacity to trap airborne particles. These filters are capable of absorbing gases and aromas from pets, mould, cooking, chemicals, and smoke.

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