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Air Filter Maintenance Tips And Tricks

Air Filter Maintenance Tips And Tricks

Air filters are used to make spaces clean. They ensure that you are breathing fresh air. They minimize allergies. For optimal performance, maintain your 20x20x5 air filter well. Clean them well. Change them regularly. Remove dust from their surfaces. Use the above maintenance tips and tricks to optimize the performance of your air filters.

Clean It Well

Clean your filter system regularly. This is the first thing you should do during maintenance. Get rid of any dirt and dust. Vacuum residual dust accumulation on the exterior panels. Maintaining this habit will go a long way in promoting filter longevity, as well as, functionality. Plus, it will enable you to effectively combat harmful; allergens and contaminants.

Change Dirty Filter

Whereas certain filters are washable, it’s better to invest in disposable air filters. They’re highly efficient in trapping air particles and keeping your home’s air fresh. When changing the filters, be sure to dispose of the dirty filters immediately. Put them inside a plastic bag and throw them into the waste bin. Handle the filter gently to prevent the trapped particles from getting released into the air.

Use It Correctly

Before changing the air filters, disconnect the power supply. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines and ensure that the filters are properly installed. There should be no gaps around the frame. Once you’re done, turn on the power and double-check if the filter is working properly.

Changing Dates

Take note of the changing dates. You can even set a reminder. This will make it easier for you to keep track of your filters and when they should be changed. Besides, it’ll provide detailed information about the system’s performance.

Air filters are designed to be simple and easy to maintain. But you need to carry out frequent maintenance to enhance their functionality. Forgetting to change your air filters can be a costly mistake. It can endanger your health and put your filtration system at a greater risk of getting damaged. And this could quickly result in expensive repairs and replacements.

Key Takeaway

Your health is very important. If there’s something you should invest in, it’s your health. And it all starts with keeping the air clean. When your filtration system becomes dirty, it could lead to reduced airflow. Plus, it can force your system to work harder to keep the air fresh.

Too much stress on the system can quickly result in failure or expensive repairs. Besides, when your air filters get obstructed, air intake stops. This in turn gives contaminants free range resulting in hazardous health issues. Check out the following guide on how to maintain your air filters and avoid potential dangers:

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let allergies affect your health. Purchase a good air filter. An air filter will purify the air, ensuring that you breathe quality air. It also makes your spaces comfortable. Air filters keep breathing problems at bay. Purchase the right size. Get your filter from the right brand. Check the quality of the air filter before making a purchase. Maintain your air filter with the above tips and tricks.

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