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Aiia Network Offering Free Access To A Full 17-Page Report On Digital Transformation Initiatives For 2020

The year 2020 is an interesting one for many businesses, who have implemented digital transformation. Now, everyone can have access to the same report and learn ways to grow their business.

For a business to grow in the modern world, they need to establish a clear strategy for digital transformation. Such a move can only be achieved when there is authentic data they can use to provide guidance.

AiiA Network is proud to announce its Digital Transformation 2020 report. In 2019, the majority of enterprises began their digital transformation journey with plans to invest in essential technologies this year in order to stay ahead. 

The AiiA Network surveyed decision-makers asking about their top digital transformation regrets from 2019, challenges they continue to face. They are also asked about new initiatives they are taking in 2020 to paint the current landscape of digital transformation as well as predict where it’s heading in the near future.

These insights were compiled into the State of Digital Transformation 2020 report, complete with statistics. Readers are going to have access to powerful industry data, created specifically to help them achieve high quality.

The report is filled with very useful and handy content, which includes threats and challenges professionals are concerned about in 2020. There is also information about the top 5 digital transformation initiatives in the year 2020 and how it has helped businesses to effectively strategize. 

Readers will also learn about the eight business technology tools decision-makers are prioritizing in their budgets. These are powerful tools that can help change the course of a business so they can become more successful in their operations. 

AiiA Network is offering everyone an opportunity to access a free copy of the State of Digital Transformation 2020, presented in a full 17-page report. 

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