AidiVerse Review – An Ecosystem of Cryptoassets and Utilities

While the world actively explores all the possibilities of blockchain technology, we find more and more projects studying its applications. This is not surprising: Web 3.0 is simply going through the same hype and research phase as Web 2.0. technology experienced in the past.

Today we will discuss, in an objective manner, the main features and details of the AidiVerse project. Launched by Aidi Finance, this new initiative aims to bring together a wide set of products in a blockchain-based system.

Considering that the project development is still ongoing, we include in the review the main information currently available. We will keep an eye on the initiative in the future, looking for updates on the matter. 

What is AidiVerse?

AidiVerse is a new initiative in the blockchain universe aiming to offer a series of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solutions to the market. We will summarize all the different elements of the AidiVerse ecosystem below.


AidiSWAP is a decentralized exchange platform (or DEX) where everyone can trade ERC-20 and BEP-20 assets at high speed. Those who are familiar with swapping coins on the Ethereum network know that, in general, such operations suffer from high gas fees and slow execution time.

As the project’s developers put it, AidiSWAP allows investors to carry out peer-to-peer trading operations. This effectively removes the necessity to trust a third party to act as intermediary, bringing a new DeFi tool on the market.


AidiCRAFT consists of an NFT marketplace, designed with the purpose of connecting communities of artists and art collectors. The system works through the $VERSE rewards and utility token, and more details on the matter are provided in the Tokenomics section below.

Within AidiCRAFT, there are two types of users:

  • Buyers: they can filter and navigate all the listed content on the platform in order to purchase the NFT of their choice
  • Sellers: they can mint single or multiple NFTs, inserting them into a collection and choosing how they wish to sell their art. Sellers can choose among a fixed price mechanism (using $VERSE, $ETH, or $WETH) and timed or ongoing auctions (which use $VERSE or $WETH) systems. When using $VERSE, AidiCRAFT requires no listing fees. Users can enjoy the “lazy minting” option, passing all the gas fees onto the sellers.

AidiCRAFT possesses a rewarding system, distributing $VERSE (for buyers and sellers) or $ETH (for $VERSE holders with more than 500 coins). The next important update of the platform is set to be released by January 26th. This new release will officially launch the “lazy minting” option described above.


AidiCONNECT is a platform aiming to provide market insights on the crypto industry. Since cryptocurrencies are still a relatively new sector, the analytical resources that can be found online are sometimes minimalistic.

A lot of information on the blockchain world is openly accessible by users (think, for example, to on-chain transactions). However, collecting all the relevant data and derive an analysis can be a challenging operation.

The project’s team believes that this SaaS tool will enable investors to stick to informed analytics and market insights on the industry. AidiCONNECT will also let users check the on-chain activity, tracking Aidi tokens performance, token rewards and additional coins.

The development team plans to launch AidiCONNECT by the end of Q1 2022.


AidiPLAYFI is a platform where users will be able to find – by the end of 2022 – a series of games currently in development by Aidi Finance. In the original idea of its creators, AidiPLAYFI will also host third-party games.

All the games will be fully decentralized and borderless, aiming to achieve a state in which each game will be autonomous without experiencing any downtime. 

AidiPLAYFI will work on the $AIDI ETH utility token, and this coin will let users join this platform and purchase in-game items as NFTs (on this note, AidiPLAYFI will be integrated with AidiCRAFT).

Holding $AIDI will also give a governance right over the whole system, with a voting mechanism on future developments, new game creations, etc.

AidiPLAYFI is being designed as a provably fair gaming platform, and will accommodate a high number of games, providing a broad set of choices to the users. Each gamer can use AidiPLAYFI as a source of income. 


AidiGARAGE is a portal set up in order to sell AidiVerse-themed merchandise. The platform offers several product categories, with proceeding being divided as follows:

  • 25% will be sent to charitable activities
  • 25% will go to the marketing wallet
  • 25% will be put into the ecosystem development operations
  • 25% will be used to boost the project’s liquidity pools.


The AidiVerse ecosystem relies on the tokens summarized below:

$AIDI (ERC-20 and BEP-20)

Launched on both Ethereum and Binance chains, $AIDI is a deflationary token bringing an automated reward farming (ARF) mechanism to the project. As already mentioned, users will need to use $AIDI as a primary utility token in order to access the AidiPLAYFI platform.

With a total supply of 100 quadrillion tokens, the system works as follows:

  • 50% of the tokens were immediately burnt (i.e., they were sent to a “dead” wallet) on the day of $AIDI launch
  • 45% of the tokens are available as DEX liquidity
  • the remaining 5% is kept for team & development

Each $AIDI operation comes with a 2% transaction tax, divided between automatic burning operations (1%) and rewards for token holders (1%).


As stated by the project’s team, $VERSE was designed both as a utility and reward token on AidiCRAFT, both as a way to sustain $AIDI. In fact, each $VERSE transaction sees the application of a 10% fee, divided as follows: 

  • automatic buyback & burn of $AIDI ETH token (3%)
  • ETH rewards for holders (4%), in case one holds more than 500 $VERSE
  • team, marketing and charity operations (3%).

The token comes with an “anti-dump” algorithm, increasing to 20% the fee on large selling operations.

Future developments

Besides the products already mentioned – which are currently under development – AidiVerse foresees the implementation of two additional ideas:

  • AidiPAD: imagined as a new IDO launchpad, AidiPAD should encourage the cooperative growth of developers and gamers communities, with a certain degree of interaction
  • AidiKIDZ: the platform will aim to bring crypto-financial education to kids, who will learn about blockchain, finance basics, etc.

Final thoughts on the project

The AidiVerse project presents itself as a broad set of initiatives aiming to change several aspects of our daily lives through blockchain. 

The initiative has an active community both on Twitter and Telegram, and anyone wanting to learn more about the project can join these online channels.

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