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AIDG, a clear direction and a philosophy that cannot be ignored: Saving & Sharing 4.0

AIDG, the development team has emphasized the business philosophy and clear direction by combining the redundant resources of users to exchange, connect and build digital assets for users.

The crypto market has witnessed the strong growth of tokens in the MEME segment, with a lot of FOMO from the community. Many projects such as DOGE, Shiba Inu have increased sharply, many investors have achieved amazing ROI. For example, DOGE increased from 0.002 USD at the beginning of 2020 to 0.7 USD in May 2021, equivalent to an increase of nearly 350 times1Shiba Inu also increased from 0.00000001 USD in August 2020 to 0.000032 USD in May 2021, equivalent to an increase of more than 3 million times2. Therefore, finding and investing early in potential Meme projects (Hidden Gem) to increase profits with small capital is a smart strategy.

Recently on Google trending and top keywords on Twitter mentioned the unique memecoin project – AIDG. Now let’s find out to seize the opportunity early with AIDG. is a unique project that combines memecoin and advanced technologies, not just a regular memecoin. This project applies advanced technology features such as artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Fintech, which can be collectively called Block-Fin-AI to create services and utilities such as:

  • Use AIDG to play games, enjoy entertainment and learn about finance.
  • Use AIDG as an intermediary tool to exchange NFT items, exploit the value of digital art and protect ownership rights.
  • Use AIDG to participate in financial education games, “saving and sharing 4.0“, improve knowledge and skills in managing and building digital assets.

Especially, creates a new definition of “CommunityFi” – where users can completely build sustainable assets through community development and sharing their great experiences. If Bitcoin, ETH, ADA, BNB, SOL… are the proofs that help many people increase their assets by thousands of times, then you should seize the opportunity, AIDG is the next choice.

Community is the most important factor in any token project, looking back at the history from Bitcoin, Ethereum, the user community and the trust holding have helped promote globally. Bitcoin increased from 0.003 USD in April 2010 to 69,000 USD in November 2021, equivalent to an increase of more than 23 million times3. Pi Network is also a project with the fastest growing user community in the crypto space, with more than 30 million users as of November 2021. AIDG has cleverly combined the development of Pi Network and the platform technology Blockchain & new technology AI. The CommunitFi concept of the AIDG project has received positive response from the community and the user community is growing rapidly, expected to reach 10M users worldwide by 2025.

Based on the above analysis, AIDG is highly potential in the near future based on the uniqueness of technology and the continuous expansion of users. You can share ref link to receive many benefits from being an early member of the AIDG community.

If you missed the opportunity from successful MEME projects like Dogecoin, Shiba inu, Floki, then AIDG is a project you can’t miss.

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