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AIC Digital Asset Group Discusses College Sponsorship ROI Strategy

College Sponsorship ROI Strategy

In challenging markets, a College Sports Sponsorship can provide tangible ROI for crypto token companies.

As we see the turmoil and downturn in both traditional and crypto markets, companies need to identify marketing investments that bring in tangible ROI.  

Social influencers and celebrity spokespeople may offer a short-term return on investment for companies, similar to those received from implementing successful PR and advertising campaigns. However, with significant budget costs in this inflation-driven economy, one alternative or addition to your plan that can bring tangible results while not affecting your operating budget is college sports sponsorships. AIC Digital Asset Group is a leader in facilitating these partnerships.

It’s rare to find a demographic that matches an industry so closely. The college students and recent alumni (within 7-10 yrs) are typically 18-35-year-old males. As luck would have it, that is the current crypto demographic as well.

If you can customize a sports sponsorship with a major college and use your token as payment, there is a good chance you’ll increase users for your products and services along with a tangible increase in token use.  

In challenging economic times, those who are able to move forward aggressively will survive the current market and place themselves as leaders when the market turns upward.  By using your currency and getting increased exposure to the right demographic, along with the validation of your crypto currency by a major institution, you can achieve the extra help needed to make it to the other side.

AIC Digital Asset Group can find the ideal match for cryptocurrency companies and major college sports programs, and fund the sponsorship with your trading token. 

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