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Artificial intelligence is reshaping our lives. When we hear about AI we generally think of robotics and devices but do you know that AI can also assist you in writing? This might be surprising news for some people who are not aware of this facet of AI. Many AI writing apps are here at your disposal to create meaningful content in a matter of a few minutes. What’s even more surprising and epic at the same time is that many of these applications can be accessed through smartphones and devices which enhances the ease of use. Though all applications devised by various AI specialists differ in features.

Let us explore some famous smartphone AI writing apps that will write flawless content for you in a few taps.


Writecream is an epic AI writing app that is compatible with every smartphone (IOS, Android), tablet (Chromebook, Ipad), windows, and cloud. This versatility makes it easy to access this application from any device. Writecream offers to create YouTube videos, cold emails with personalized messages, podcasts, blog articles, and LinkedIn messages for you which makes it a perfect application for marketers. It also offers training to make the most out of this application. You can write exceptionally attractive and meaningful content with this application in a matter of a few seconds.


If you desire to write SEO-friendly and plagiarism-free content then PrepostSEO is the perfect AI  writing app for you. This application is compatible with IOS, Android, and the cloud so there won’t is any issue with accessibility. With prepostSEO, you can create a unique copy of content without any stress of content duplication. It also writes SEO content to ensure that your content gets recognized on search engines. This application is perfect for marketers who need SEO-driven content and students who need plagiarism-free content.


Essay writing has become a piece of cake with the EssayBot AI app. All you have to do is to write the title and a paragraph covering the points you want to include in the essay. With merely this information this app will find all the relevant sources on its own, paraphrase the desired content, compile the content in structured form and share relevant citations too.

This AI writing app is perfect for you if you are in charge of a marketing campaign. It will write catchy, interesting, and intriguing content for marketing campaigns, social media ads posted on Facebook and Google, banners, and YouTube descriptions. It can spin off the content and create attractive content that will offer the perfect marketing touch to the content that you need.

AI Writer

AI Writer helps you write on any topic you desire. It doesn’t have any specific niche so you can enjoy the liberty of writing about any topic you have in mind. The most pressing feature of this app is that it has AI image generator quality which means that it can generate text from images. So you can feed images to this app and it will read and rewrite the text in those images for you.

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