AI Workforce Marketplace; Interview With Anne Fulton, CEO of Fuel50

Fuel50 is an AI-powered talent, opportunity, and growth marketplace provider. CEO Anne Fulton will be sharing more details with us in this exclusive interview with TechBullion.

Please tell us about yourself?

Anne Fulton, founder, and CEO of Fuel50. I am a registered organizational psychologist, an executive career and talent coach, and a strategic contributor to organizational development strategies that have resulted in tangible returns on investment and, in particular, talent retention and engagement uplifts in multiple organizations.

What is Fuel50 and how does it work?

Fuel50 is an AI-driven talent marketplace platform that fuels internal talent mobility, workforce agility, employee engagement, talent retention and bottom-line impact within leading organizations all over the world. We help our clients create an open talent marketplace place that helps employees match to career and learning journeys, projects, vacancies and mentors to maximize their potential and contribution to their business.

What unique services and benefits is Fuel50 bringing to the work market?

Fuel50 delivers engagement and increases retention with employees in companies (many of the Fortune 500) around the world. Driven by Fuel50, employees are given the tools needed to map their personalized career path and connect with mentors, coaches and colleagues. Company leaders are equipped with the insight on talent skills and bench strength and a coaching portal to support more effective conversations with the employees they are mentoring and coaching. 

With the booming trends in remote working, how can Fuel50 help workers embrace the Future of Work with ease?

The future of work is within the “hybrid workplace.” As employees strive to find the hybrid model that works best for them between working at home or in the office, employers will need to find solutions that engage a workforce that is geographically displaced on an individualized basis. What we’re focused on is making sure the employee experience and their career path are transparent, no matter where they work from. Our offerings can help ease employees into their new environment by giving them the tools and resources they need to really grasp their career and take control of it. We also provide organizations with the insight and assistance in identifying and understanding exactly what their employees need.

How can Fuel50 help businesses survive the post-covid back to office challenges?

Fuel50 has had a number of offerings that have helped businesses and their teams thrive even during the pandemic. FuelFutures™, in particular, is a solution that we launched at the beginning of the pandemic. FuelFutures helps organizations redeploy talent and support the careers and futures of their people who may be facing redundancy while protecting the employer brand with current, former and future employees. It’s designed to support organizations that need to quickly respond to these unprecedented times and proactively offset some of the potential impacts on their businesses.

What is a key thing Fuel50’s Marketplace offers that you’ve found to be quite popular in the development of an employee’s growth?

One of the main things we’re seeing is a rise in the importance of upskilling and reskilling employees in many workplaces. Upskilling/reskilling benefits both the employee and employer. It gives an employee the opportunity to develop their career and helps companies reskill their talent for the future to ensure the organization remains competitive and avoids spending to recruit new talent. Additionally, it shows that a company values and supports its employees’ career growth plans by identifying aspirational goals and the skills required while helping them track their progress.  

From our own client base, we are seeing companies like Vanguard and Trane Technologies embracing technology platforms and software that allow an employee to understand their skill gaps against business demand and their own career goals. By connecting them with online learning, mentors and experiences, employees can progress their own skill development in their own time. 

Larry McAllister of NetApp, who uses Fuel50’s talent marketplace to support the workforce reskilling of their 11,000 employees, describes it as “Skills are the new currency. There is growth to be had in so many different directions. […] We want a company full of learners, not a company full of knowers.”

Do you have any available investment or partnership opportunities at Fuel50? 

We recently raised $15.5M (USD) in Series B funding, led by PeakSpan Capital and Shearwater Capital.

For more information, visit the website;

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