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AI Voice Generators; Their Uses, and Benefits

AI Voice Generators

Have you heard voices that sound human but are not quite human? They are voices generated using AI technology often called text-to-speech tools. Several applications have been created to help you do this.

These days, you can find voice generators, which are text-to-speech tools on a lot of devices. How do you use them? You can use them to convert all forms of text into audio files that sound like human voices.

These voice generation apps have a lot of functions, including helping content creators with their job, assisting those with reading disabilities or those who would rather listen to text than read it. The app also helps with online learning and pronunciation.

How are AI voices generated or created?

Voice creation, also called speech synthesis can be a complex and difficult process. To achieve it, you need to leverage deep learning, machine learning, SSML and IVR, as well as get samples from professional voice actors. If you want to generate or clone a speech and get a natural-sounding voice, you need to record the voice you want to clone.

There are several algorithms and procedures entailed as well, but they are not easy to handle.

The good thing is that you don’t need to generate your own AI voice. You can simply use a speech generation App like Speechify and allow the application to work for you.

Advantages of using AI voice generators

When you use AI voice generator tools or text-to-speech technology, they make your life easy in so many ways, including:

  1. Improving retention and learning

People with reading disabilities will learn better with voice-to-text speech. Also, several people are auditory learners, which means that they retain information better when they hear it compared to when they read it.

  1. Original voice generation

Thanks to AI voice-generators, content creators and other people can enjoy having unique, high-quality voice generators for their unique voiceovers.

With these AI generation features, you can convert text to speech and get original audio content.

  1. Time-saving and Quality Improvement

Thanks to AI voice generators, you can save time and get high-quality audio for whatever you might need them for.

  1. Increased accessibility

AI voices can convert text into natural-sounding speech for those unable to do so themselves. They provide an alternative for consuming information via audio for the vision or reading impaired.

  1. Multilingual support

AI voice generators offer vocal options in different languages and accents. They enable translating content or generating speech in a variety of languages to reach global audiences.

  1. Low cost

AI voice generation is often more affordable than hiring human voice actors to record audio at scale. AI provides a scalable solution for adding voiceovers and audio to video or written works.

  1. Increased productivity

Automating voice generation and narration with AI can save content creators, companies and individuals significant time. It allows focusing efforts on core work and objectives instead of technical production needs.

  1. Anonymity

AI voices provide an opportunity to generate anonymous voiceovers while still achieving natural-sounding results. They can convey a message or story without revealing the speaker’s identity.

  1. Consistency

Once trained, AI can generate clear, consistent speech and pronunciations. It avoids inconsistencies that can occur with human speakers and live recordings. The same AI voice and style can be used across various works.

  1. Access to vocal talents

AI opens up opportunities for anyone to access compelling vocal performances and styles that would typically require a professional human voice actor. A range of pleasant, upbeat or dramatic AI voices are available.

  1. Customization

Many AI voice generators offer the ability to customize speech rate, tone, pitch and other attributes. You can craft a unique AI voice to suit particular needs or brand identity with just a few clicks. Some even allow uploading your own data to generate a personalized AI voice.

How to select the best AI voice generator?

Now that we know that AI voice generation has a lot of benefits, it is up to you to choose the best program or app you prefer and one that can meet your needs.

To make an informed choice, you can take help from online reviews and customer testimonials.
For example, Nerdynav has reviewed the most popular AI voice generators with their audio samples.

Some speech generators sound like robots, but the best app for you is the one that produces natural sounds because people enjoy and focus on the content better. High-quality and standard TTS apps deliver the best text-to-speech content.

Pricing is another consideration. You can opt for a free App or a paid one, depending on the features you need. While you might be able to use free Apps for a few things, it is the premium version that delivers the best quality and features.

However, depending on what you want to achieve, you get to decide what quality of App, and what version you should opt for.


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