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AI Revolution in 2021: 5 Industries That Are Thriving With Artificial Intelligence 

AI Revolution in 2021

 AI or Artificial Intelligence is a buzzword across the world these days. Several industries are prospering with AI implementation, and many others are gearing up to adopt this latest technology to start a journey of steady progress. 

Accurate executions and quick operations with automated labor-intensive procedures are helping the companies to get their work done at low cost and in less time. Companies are using Artificial Intelligence to better understand their consumers and gauge their behavior and preferences by analyzing the available data. This allows them to optimize their offerings and prices accordingly. 

Although AI advancements are still in their nascent stage, AI implementation has started shaping various industries. Take a look at the five industries that are thriving with artificial intelligence, or at least are accelerating faster than others. 


Of late, AI has become crucial to the healthcare industry. With its potential to change the lives of patients, AI can do tremendous good to the healthcare industry. 

The industry is using various components of AI to shape itself. With computer vision to get the right diagnosis, NLP (natural language processing) for drug safety, and ML (machine learning) to study patterns in a population, AI is improving every facet of the healthcare industry. 

Robot-assisted surgery, virtual nursing, administrative workflow assistance, and many other AI-supported advancements are helping the world lead a healthy life. 


With the inception of AI, the manufacturing industry has witnessed many positive changes. With machines and robots replacing human labor, the manufacturing industry is already on a roll. 

Soon, aided by AI, the industry will get the best quality materials produced with cost and energy efficiency. Shortly, every aspect of the manufacturing industry will become more efficient. 


The academic domain is more efficient and personalized than ever, thanks to artificial intelligence. Several institutions have already replaced their traditional teaching methods with modern measures. Students use smart devices instead of books and notebooks, researches are conducted and submitted online, and even classes are held online. 

Structured online courses and automated grading, which are the two examples of the changes AI has brought, the future of students is bright. The literacy rate will also inch forward with more personalized courses replacing the conventional customary courses. 


Insurance is very highly regulated and one of the oldest industries. Also, compared to other industries, it has shown a certain amount of reluctance in embracing newer technologies. 

However, things are changing for good. Many insurance companies are using the latest technologies, backed by AI, to trim the long and tedious processes requiring human intervention. With a digital embedded insurance platform, people can now get insurance without having to file a lot of paperwork. 

Furthermore, the companies are now using machine learning to properly price their insurance policies and create more customized coverages. With the neural network, companies can now get a hold of frauds. 


Agriculture has been one of the most crucial industries across the world, and it will always remain the most substantial industry until humans cease to exist on this planet. 

AI is improving every aspect of the agriculture industry. The use of robots in agriculture is revolutionizing it. With harvesting robots at vast farms, the need for human labor has diminished. The produce is increasing in quality and quantity. 

The farmers now have robots that take care of weeds by spraying a set amount of herbicides on the yield. They can not recognize weeds via computer vision and tackle them specifically without spraying herbicides on the entire crop. 

Soon, machine learning models will also find their way into the fields. 

The bottom line 

AI is taking the world by storm. It is touching every aspect of human life and transforming it for good. The pace at which technology is moving ahead, we are yet to see the better of it. 

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