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BeNFT Solutions, a leading blockchain technology company, has announced a strategic partnership with B1G1 and UNSDG (United Nations Sustainable Development Goals) to strengthen the BeNFT Foundation. This collaboration aims to launch a global initiative that seeks to empower the disadvantaged and support vital causes such as eradicating poverty, promoting health and wellness, providing quality education and reducing inequalities.

BeNFT: Education Made Simple with AI-Driven Personalization.

The BeNFT Foundation is the philanthropic heart of our ecosystem, as we believe that NFTs, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies can not only generate value for their holders, but also contribute to making a positive global impact. Our innovative approach generates ongoing revenue that can be directed to worthy causes, such as education, health, and the environment, among others.

Philanthropy focused on social responsibility

Our commitment to philanthropy goes beyond simply donating funds. We are dedicated to promoting social responsibility and transparency, which is why we will be implementing a community-driven DAO system to select the charities we support. This approach ensures that the foundation’s efforts are aligned with the values and priorities of our community. By involving our community in this process, we believe we can make a more meaningful impact and engage our community members, stakeholders, partners, and investors in a meaningful way.

A unique opportunity to contribute and receive a tangible asset

The BeNFT Foundation’s approach not only benefits the charities and communities we support, but also provides a unique opportunity for the public to contribute to these causes.

BeNFT Solutions

BeNFT Solutions is a cutting-edge platform that fuses the power of blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver personalized learning and earning experiences. We are reshaping the educational landscape by offering a diverse range of resources and tools across multiple disciplines, facilitated by our proprietary technology, Learn AI.
At the core of our platform lies the Learn engine, a unique feature that provides an immersive educational environment for learners to collaborate and learn. But, BeNFT goes beyond traditional e-learning by integrating DeFi functions such as evolutionary NFTs, NFEs, and SBTs as certificates, exclusive NFT collections on the BeNFT DeFi Shop, and a non-profit that champions community-driven causes.


In summary, the strategic partnership between BeNFT Solutions, B1G1 and UNSDG for the BeNFT Foundation is an important step towards creating a sustainable ecosystem that contributes to making a positive global impact. By prioritizing philanthropy and social responsibility, we seek to build an ecosystem that not only generates value for our unitholders, but also has a meaningful impact on the world. We are excited to move forward with this initiative and work together with our community to achieve lasting change.

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