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AI-Powered Transformation Mining: Interview with David Poole, CEO of Emergence Partners.

David Poole, CEO of Emergence Partners.

Recently, Emergence Partners announced that they have created a unique joint venture which will allow businesses to assess transformational automation opportunities faster and more accurately than ever before. The CEO David Poole will be sharing more details with us in this interview with TechBullion.

Please tell us a little more about yourself?

David Poole, CEO of Emergence Partners

I have spent most of my career doing what I love most which is shaping, building, developing and growing businesses. Recently this has been as founder and CEO of Symphony Ventures in the RPA market and now as CEO of Emergence Partners. I’m focused on helping large organisations thrive in this period of massive technology disruption.

Who are Emergence Partners?

We are a new breed of Tech Consultancy and exist to make the world a better place to live and work through the thoughtful adoption of advanced technologies.  We set out to be different. To be true strategic partners to our clients. To listen and to move fast, with passion and purpose.  

As a tech consultancy firm, what specific unique services do you provide and who are your customers?

We see businesses through three lenses – people, strategy and technology – and believe that success lies in bringing them together in every project.  

Equally, we look at the entire eco-system in which our client’s businesses exist, processes, systems, people and data and with the customer and/or partner experience at the heart, to ensure our work has both exponential and integrated impact. So, our products and services have been and will continue to be developed through that perspective but as we’re demonstrating through the creation of our new Digital Transformation Mining product with KYP we’re going to be looking more and more at unique joint ventures with market-leading tech partners.

Our customers are any business looking to transform.

Please tell us about the new partnership between Emergence Partner and, what are the benefits?

We’re really excited by this partnership, not least in that it’s exclusive and’s first move into the UK. The partnership brings together the power of sophisticated tech with the human capabilities of expert consulting that removes risk and provides three key benefits to the client:

  1. Speed – it can be deployed and start returning results within days.
  2. Data – it looks at people, process and tech data at the same time, giving a 360 view of opportunities for automation.
  3. Holistic – it combines the capabilities of AI with consulting to assess and deploy business transformative automation opportunities with more scope than ever before.

In simple terms, what is Digital Transformation Mining and why is it important to businesses, please elaborate?

It’s like an MRI scanner for your business (compared to an X-Ray). It looks across the whole business, at once, in real-time and assesses processes end-to-end as well as the people component – an element often overlooked in process assessments.

That more detailed and holistic view means you can make better, faster and smarter decisions about where to automate and how.

And now more than ever, the ability to make faster and smarter decisions is what will not only keep businesses going but will keep them growing.

Could you give a walkthrough of the AI-Powered Transformation Mining Tool and how it works?

The tech is deployed either in the Cloud or On-Premise client environment. It can be deployed over a short period of time to capture a snapshot or can be provided long-term as a service, giving an incredibly useful dashboard for the continuous improvement of processes, systems and organisation. We work closely with IT teams to ensure the smooth and seamless deployment that best fits a business use-case and scope of the brief.

The tech runs for as long as required and real-time data is displayed on an integrated dashboard where the business case for automation is created and quantified.

Emergence then works with the key stakeholders on the action plan to deliver the automation.

The digital transformation trend is gaining ground in 2021, what is the global market size of this industry and how sustainable is it?

We don’t like the phrase Digital Transformation – it’s over-used and under-explained. Our human-first approach doesn’t just apply to our work but also to our philosophy.  We aim to be jargon-free with our clients and talk clearly about the specific business benefits of advanced technology adoption. 

But, like it or not, while the term is relatively new, we have been transforming digitally for some time now and this is absolutely going to continue – in fact, technology has the ability to fundamentally and continually transform the way we live and work. 

Market growth is forecast at 23% to $3.3bn by 2025, but this doesn’t tell the whole story – investment alone won’t guarantee anything. The latest Deloitte research tells us that less than half of executives are prepared for digital disruption, for example. So the sustainability and success of digital transformation will depend on these executives future-proofing their businesses with the technology and culture to embrace digital disruption.

Tell us more about your amazing team of tech consultants at Emergence Partners, what makes you special and what is next on your roadmap?

In terms of what makes us special, we blend independent technology expertise with an understanding of human impact – we never forget that people are at the heart of every business and the communities around them. 

We are a catalyst for change for business leaders and their businesses – helping them shift from a narrow, risk-averse mindset to an agile, experimental and adaptable one. 

We call all this, Profound Transformation and it’s what we deliver for our clients.  

Do you have more opportunities for partners, investors or tech experts at Emergence Partners?

We have an open-door policy for anyone developing exciting, new, tech-driven opportunities for businesses.  With our unique human-first, thoughtful approach to advanced technology adoption, we offer something which many other consultancies can’t, so please get in touch with me, visit the website –

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