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AI-Powered Products Set The Tech Trend In 2023

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As well as an opportunity for technology innovators to introduce their best products, the Consumer Electronics Show provides a broader outlook on the latest tech trends, too.

This year in Las Vegas, the return of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 highlights the increased implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to products and the Metaverse exploration. From smart surveillance systems to AI ovens, digital-integrated devices are the call this season.

In the era of flourishing industry 4.0, AI is an indispensable factor. Today, artificial intelligence AI technology is considered as one of the ultimately important technologies, helping people to solve many problems in life. Innovation is ongoing.

As one of the leading figures, Samsung joined this year’s CES with a set of new innovations including a new-generation oven – Bespoke AI Oven that supports cooking. The new product features an AI Pro Cooking function that optimizes settings and assists users during the cooking process.

The built-in proactive camera and sensors are capable of fire detection, sending alerts if the food is being overcooked in the oven.

In addition to helping prevent the food from being burnt, Samsung’s AI-powered oven can serve as a cooking assistant – providing users with suggestions on cooking mode, temperature, and time settings, or even recipes based on the ingredients available at your home.

The implementation of AI in the latest appliances and services could set the stage for smart manufacturing, which aims at the industrial transformation. The frontier technology can offer large-scale optimization solutions to industrial ovens in order to meet the growing need in the food industry and deliver smart-connected experiences that enhance quality.

In light of digital transformation, CES 2023 also unveiled multiple products with AI components.

Watch brand Citizen introduced the second-generation CZ smartwatch – an AI-enabled “self-care advisor.” The new product is capable of collecting sleep data from wearers and suggesting tips to improve sleep health.

Or an AI-powered birdbox by The Bird Buddy that takes pictures of birds and sends them via the app. Equipped with a high-speed camera, the next-generation birdbox can take photos and videos of birds with speeds of up to 60 mph. The camera is motion-activated and sends images through an AI system trained on millions of photos to identify around 1,000 bird species.

Along with the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Cloud Computing, Artificial Intelligence is one of the emerging fields for all industries. It can be said that the birth of AI is inevitable and necessary in the current digital technology era.

AI is escaping the world of smartphones, platforms, and applications and spreading their wings in human’s life. The approach of Ai can now be widely found in different areas.

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