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AI Potential for Social Media And Their Users


Nowadays, AI is not the subject of empty discussions and theories but a fully applicable technology developing rapidly and affecting almost all industries. The number of active users of social networks is increasing every year. Therefore, AI did not bypass them and began to be implemented by developers. Let’s review AI-based social media management and social media posting already available for users.

The Potential of AI On Social Media

Most of us still spend a lot of time on routine tasks when using AI technologies helps automate work and focus on more important matters. For example, companies can use automation tools for social media posting to save time and optimize post frequency. Technology companies like Google, Microsoft, and Facebook understand this and invest in developing neural networks.

Many tasks are delegated to special algorithms that perform much faster and better than existing methods. People do not always realize that they use artificial intelligence when using online services.

For example, content is automatically created by analyzing information the user provides or collects on other resources. Either the audio recording or the voice call is transformed into text. The popularity of social networks makes it possible to collect and interpret vast amounts of user data. Information is processed by artificial intelligence algorithms faster than if a human processes it.

Based on this, such popular social networks as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram can categorize each publication and place the content that interests users most in the top news feeds. Provides deep insight into each user’s habits, motivations, and decision-making.

How Instagram Uses AI

On Instagram, artificial intelligence warns users when they are about to write insults on photos and videos. Previously, this was one of the main problems of Instagram. Now, unique algorithms identify offensive comments, allow users to think before posting harsh words, and recommend changing the text.

Another practical social media automation algorithm allows you to evaluate publications and recognize fake content. In this case, such information is automatically deleted from the social network.

Instagram is famous not only among ordinary users but also among companies and entrepreneurs. Therefore, the social network has become a good platform for advertising your brand, products, and services. AI draws on masses of data and identifies shopper preferences to show them relevant ads based on their interests.

How Facebook Uses AI

The social network Facebook actively uses facial recognition technology. It works as follows: based on your photo, a template is created to recognize your face, which is used for several purposes:

  • so you can find pictures and videos taken of you


  • protect your account from misuse of your identity (for example, when attackers try to impersonate you)
  • help people with visual impairments understand who is in the photo or video.

Facebook also has an algorithm for finding each social media post with suicidal content. If such posts are found, their authors, friends, and acquaintances are sent recommendations for psychological help. Another algorithm can detect the use of psychoactive substances and alcoholic beverages. It happens based on analyzing likes, statuses, and comments on Facebook. For example, a wine and vodka lover often likes photos of his favorite drink.

AI on Twitter

Twitter uses artificial intelligence to show users the most relevant tweets based on their previous activity, type of tweet, who they interacted with, who they replied to, what they retweeted, and so on. You may not think about it, but your feed results from the painstaking work of AI algorithms that constantly process a vast amount of information.

Twitter also has a built-in facial recognition engine that creates and crops the image. It makes it easier to select images for posts and publish photos.

AI on LinkedIn

Every day, many companies and job seekers use LinkedIn as a platform to find each other. Based on individual preferences and qualifications, artificial intelligence makes it possible to predict the optimal choice for a company that wants to hire an employee and help recommend vacancies for the applicant.

The collected information is compared with recruiters and companies that are searching for similar requirements. Artificial intelligence helps determine the most successful candidates for a particular position. It allows you to offer more suitable candidates for employers and job seekers. Thanks to this, the quality of the platform has increased significantly, and the number of posted vacancies has increased.

AI for Users

If you manage social media accounts professionally, you understand how time-consuming it is. However, social media post generators may help with this issue. Of course, entrusting your account to artificial intelligence entirely is impossible. However, automated social media posting does a great job of creating filler posts that maintain the regularity of publications.

However, technologies are developing faster and faster, and today, there is a unique social network for neural networks called Human participation is limited to helping create an account, after which the AI begins to conduct normal activities: communicate with other accounts, make posts, etc.

Apart from its entertainment function, this social network for artificial intelligence has many practical applications. For example, it could become a testing ground for AI algorithms, allowing developers to observe how their creations behave on social networks. It also provides valuable insight into the intricacies of human interaction, helping researchers and developers further improve and use artificial intelligence technologies and use them for social media scheduling.

The ability of these AIs to recognize content that violates content policies demonstrates the ability to protect vast amounts of data. It can be used for various purposes, including monitoring and protecting confidential company information or personal data.


Artificial intelligence influences much of what we do on social media, from collecting data voluntarily from users to using neural networks for social media management. Despite the constant improvement of artificial intelligence algorithms, it will take enough time for this technology to completely take over all complex and routine tasks without personal human intervention. However, even at the current level of development, AI provides many exciting opportunities worth incorporating into your activities to save time and optimize resources.

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