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AI/ML Expert Shiva Kumar Sriramulugari Leads Through Innovation

New technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are evolving faster than most people can keep up. Fortunately for companies like Verizon, there are dedicated experts like Shiva Kumar Sriramulugari who have spent years learning how this tech ticks, and can apply it in real-life, daily business solutions.

Shiva leads high-impact projects with a unique blend of technical acumen and visionary leadership. His AI/ML-driven project management at Verizon requires a dedication to innovation, a focus on customer satisfaction, and a talent for team development. And he has all these talents.

So what does AI/ML look like when it comes to project management? “We have integrated AI and ML into various facets of our work,” Shiva shares. “There are a number of applications – predictive analytics, risk assessment, automating routine project management tasks – and for all of them, AI and ML serve as the bedrock of our project management strategy.”

Shiva’s own leadership style is characterized by a strong focus on collaboration and empowerment. He believes in leading by example and is deeply involved in all stages of a project, from ideation to execution. “My role,” Shiva explains, “is to create an environment where creativity thrives and innovative solutions emerge organically.”

Shiva’s leadership is also marked by his commitment to continuous learning and adaptation. He encourages his teams to stay abreast of the latest AI/ML trends and technologies. His goal is to create a culture of adaptability where new ideas can take root and thrive.

“It really all comes down to customer-central solutions to drive satisfaction, retention, and loyalty,” says Shiva. His project management philosophy puts the customer first, and he emphasizes the importance of understanding the customer’s needs and aligning project goals accordingly. “Our projects are designed to continually exceed customer expectations,” Shiva notes. “Prioritizing the customer is an approach that’s been remarkably successful in delivering successful AI/ML projects that add substantial value to clients.”

He says that this approach translates toward his team, as well. “As a product manager, my team are like my own customers,” Shiva says. “I prioritize mentoring them. The success of technologies like AI and ML projects hinge on the skills and expertise of the people behind them.” Thus Shiva invests time in coaching his team members, helping them develop both their technical abilities and soft skills.

Shiva believes that mentoring is about nurturing the next generation of AI/ML experts; so his mentoring approach is tailored to individual team members, focusing on their strengths and areas for improvement. Shiva also encourages cross-functional learning so that his team members are well-rounded professionals capable of handling the multifaceted challenges of AI/ML projects.

And some of these projects are extremely high stakes. Shiva’s management of high-impact AI/ML projects involves a careful balance of technical expertise, strategic planning, and stakeholder management. He approaches each project with a comprehensive understanding of its potential impact, aligning technological solutions with business objectives.

“One thing we’ve done is develop an ML-driven customer service platform,” Shiva shares. “It used natural language processing (NPL) to enhance customer interactions, and it notably improved response times and resolution rates. It wasn’t just about implementing an ML solution; this project served to really transform the customer service experience.”

But even the successes can come with challenges, according to Shiva. Managing AI/ML projects presents its own set of unique obstacles – including data quality issues, model accuracy, and ethical considerations. Shiva faces these challenges head-on, employing robust methodologies and ethical guidelines in project execution.

Data quality, for instance, is addressed through rigorous data cleaning and preprocessing steps. Shiva’s team uses diverse and representative datasets to train models, which minimizes biases and provides greater accuracy.

“Since AI and ML are constantly changing and evolving – basically becoming better and more multifaceted – I think they’ll play an increasingly prominent role in project management,” says Shiva. He anticipates advancements in AI-driven analytics to provide deeper insights into project risks and opportunities to further optimize project outcomes.

“I’m already noticing AI and ML tools becoming more intuitive and more integrated into everyday project management practices,” Shiva says. “This, I feel, will make complex projects more manageable and efficient.”

Shiva Kumar Sriramulugari’s expertise in AI/ML-driven project management employs a remarkable blend of technological expertise, visionary leadership, and a deep commitment to team and customer success. His approach to managing high-impact AI/ML projects is characterized by innovative solutions, customer-centric strategies, and team development, and he sets a benchmark in the field. AI and ML are shaping the future of project management, and Shiva’s strong leadership and creative methods will guide future advancements in a dynamic and crucial domain.

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