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AI-Generated LinkedIn Headshots: Are They Costing You Job Opportunities? – Interview with New Jersey Photographer & Videographer, Alex Perelmuter

AI-Generated LinkedIn Headshots

Job seekers and professionals are leveraging AI-generated photos to leave a lasting and impressive first impression on potential employers and connections. But while you may want to hop on this trend because it can cut costs, there are many negatives that have come with the apps. 

Alex Perelmuter, a new jersey photographer & videographer, from New Jersey Videography, shares more of his thoughts in this interview with TechBullion, on how this proliferation of similar and overly polished images, may be diminishing the individuality and authenticity of professionals on LinkedIn and may lead to missed opportunities for personal branding and genuine connections, as recruiters and employers focus more on finding unique candidates among many similar-looking profiles.

Please tell us your name, a little more about yourself and your background as a Photographer & Videographer?

Alex Perelmuter, the founder and president of New Jersey Videography. I shot my first wedding in 1984. A budding film student and avid photographer, I believe I found my calling after that first experience. Every wedding is unique and the key is to find something special about each couple and try to reflect that in images. My background as a photojournalist gave me a good eye for catching those special moments that happen at every wedding, but can easily be missed if not able to recognize and capture them. I use a fashion and photo journalistic approach to wedding photography to give my clients perfect coverage. You get to enjoy your special day, knowing your photography is in my knowledgeable hands of one of the best rated wedding photographers.

What unique solutions do you provide at New Jersey Videography and what makes you the best in the industry?

Combination of distinctive style, vast experience, advanced equipment, comprehensive services, strong client relationships, professionalism, flexibility, and collaborative spirit makes me the best wedding photographer and videographer in the industry. My dedication to capturing priceless moments and creating lasting memories sets me apart and ensures that every couple’s special day is beautifully documented.

Could you give us some market insights into the use of Artificial Intelligence in Photography and Videography, how big is this market and what are the trends to look out for?

The integration of AI into the photography and videography industry has been transformative, leading to significant improvements in various aspects of the creative process, post-production, and customer experience. The market for AI in photography and videography has been growing steadily, with several key trends and areas of application:Image Enhancement and Retouching,Automated Tagging and Sorting, Facial Recognition, Style Transfer and Creative Filters, Automatic Video Summarization.  The AI in photography and videography market size was estimated to be in the billions of dollars and was projected to continue growing. The exact market size can vary depending on the specific segments and applications within the industry. Some trends to watch for in the AI photography and videography space include: Enhanced Realism, Personalization, Ethical Considerations, New Applications, Integration with Hardware.

Job seekers and professionals are leveraging AI to leave an impression on potential employers and connections. Could you tell us the full story of this innovation?

Job seekers have begun to leverage AI to enhance their resumes and portfolios. AI-driven tools analyze and optimize the content, format, and keywords in a resume to make it more appealing to applicant tracking systems (ATS) used by many companies. These tools also provide suggestions for improvements, ensuring that job seekers highlight their relevant skills and experiences effectively. Professionals use AI tools to optimize their social media profiles, making them more appealing to potential employers and connections. AI algorithms suggest suitable content to share, hashtags to use, and connections to engage with, enhancing visibility and engagement within professional networks. AI algorithms analyze LinkedIn profiles and user behavior to suggest relevant connections and networking opportunities. These algorithms also provide insights into industry trends and networking best practices, helping professionals build and nurture meaningful relationships.

What is your take on the AI-Edited LinkedIn photos trend, and why does authenticity matter more than ever now?

The trend of using AI-edited LinkedIn photos has gained popularity as individuals seek to present themselves in the best possible light on professional networking platforms like LinkedIn. While AI editing can certainly enhance visual appeal, it’s essential to consider the balance between portraying a polished image and maintaining authenticity. While AI-edited LinkedIn photos can enhance visual appeal, authenticity remains a cornerstone of meaningful connections and relationships. Striking a balance between presenting oneself professionally and staying authentic is key to making a lasting impact in the professional world. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, embracing authenticity will likely become even more essential for building a successful and fulfilling career.

With the Influence of AI on photography, in what 3 ways do professional photographers outshine AI for LinkedIn profile pictures?

Professional photographers can certainly outshine AI-edited images when it comes to LinkedIn profile pictures. While AI can enhance certain aspects of an image, professional photographers bring a unique blend of creativity, expertise, and personalized touch that AI cannot replicate. While AI can enhance certain technical aspects of an image, professional photographers offer a holistic approach that includes personalized branding, emotional connection, and artistic composition. These elements come together to create a LinkedIn profile picture that not only looks good but also tells a compelling story and establishes a genuine connection with your audience.

Even in the midst of this breakthrough technology, AI-Generated LinkedIn headshots are still costing applicants job opportunities, why is it so?

While AI-generated LinkedIn headshots have the potential to create visually appealing images, there are several reasons why they might still be costing applicants job opportunities: Lack of Authenticity, Misalignment with Company Culture, Uniqueness and Differentiation, Perceptions of Dependence on Technology, Lack of Human Touch. In summary, while AI-generated LinkedIn headshots have their advantages, they may still cost job opportunities due to concerns about authenticity, cultural fit, uniqueness, over-reliance on technology, role compatibility, negative associations, and the absence of a human touch. Job seekers should carefully consider the potential implications of using AI-generated images and balance the benefits of technology with the need for authenticity and personal connection in the professional sphere.

The importance of human connection in photography cannot be over emphasized, why has AI failed to replicate genuine moments?

AI has made impressive strides in various fields, including photography, but replicating genuine human moments remains a complex challenge. There are several key reasons why AI has struggled to replicate these authentic moments – Understanding Emotional Context, Empathy and Connection, Cultural and Personal Context, Adapting to Dynamic Environments, Storytelling and Artistic Vision.AI has made remarkable advancements in photography and can excel in certain technical aspects, but it faces inherent limitations in replicating genuine human moments due to its lack of emotional understanding, unpredictability, empathy, cultural context, subjective interpretation, adaptability, and artistic vision.

Where do you see the future of AI in photography and what trends should we look out for? Do you have any cases where you use AI tools at New Jersey Videography?

AI will likely continue to advance in automating and enhancing the photo editing and post-processing workflows. This includes more sophisticated tools for image enhancement, retouching, and color correction, allowing photographers to achieve professional-level results more efficiently. AI-driven real-time image analysis could enable photographers to capture the best shots by providing on-screen guidance for optimal composition, lighting, and subject positioning. AI can assist photographers in categorizing, tagging, and organizing their photo libraries. It could use object recognition and context analysis to help photographers quickly locate specific images. As for the use of AI tools at New Jersey Videography, they are more and more incorporated in editing software we are using for photography and videography, which definitely speed up the editing process and overall workflow.

Do you have any available opportunities for investment, partnership or career at New Jersey Videography. Any more tips to share with our readers today?

Yes, we are always looking for new talent and the interview process never stops. I’m not looking for investors, but for partnerships as a way to expand in new locations.

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