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AI Doesn’t Have to Ruin the World: Gravity Jack Announces AR-AI Project Designed to Alleviate Global Poverty

Gravity Jack Announces AR-AI Project Designed to Alleviate Global Poverty

Gravity Jack, a leading XR (mixed reality) developer and one of the oldest AR agencies in the United States, has launched a StartEngine campaign to fund WarTribe of Binyamin, an AR-AI mobile game with play-to-earn quests aimed at addressing the global poverty crisis. The paid quest opportunities include language translation and verification, which will in turn provide Gravity Jack with crowdsourced datasets to develop an AI language translator with the capacity for 7,100+ worldwide languages (Google Translate and ChatGPT can only translate up to 133 languages). 

Via StartEngine, the company is offering shares in Gravity Jack at large, which includes seven key AR patents actively being licensed, 14 years of proven development for Fortune 500 clients, and ownership of this latest venture into the trillion dollar AI market. 

Capitalizing on Emerging Tech Trends – AR Gaming

Consumer preference has shifted in recent years, with 63% of consumers saying they prefer augmented reality experiences, and 75% of the global population projected to be frequent AR users by 2025. Tim Cook himself, CEO of Apple, claims that using AR will become as habitual as eating 3 meals a day in the coming years, a belief evidenced by Apple’s recent announcement of their augmented reality headset, the Vision Pro.

Gravity Jack has been anticipating this cultural moment since the company’s inception, having initially conceptualized a geolocation-based mobile AR game in 2009. Jennifer Richey, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Gravity Jack, commented, “Consumer trends and the announcement of the Apple Vision Pro signal that the world is finally ready for the vision we’ve had for so long to become a reality. The hardware is there and the desire is there, now we just have to build the game everyone wants.” 


WarTribe of Binyamin will be a genre-creating achievement, expertly combining AR and AI within an apocalyptic narrative to create a totally immersive experience that engages users at new levels. Gravity Jack’s proprietary geo-location technology and 3D digital overlay will transform the user’s environment right in front of them, bringing an AI apocalypse in the year 2133 to their front doors.

Players will watch as their neighborhoods and local spots crumble to ruins in a glimpse of the war-torn future, revealing their pressing mission to save the fate of humanity. Charged with defeating the evil AI overlord wreaking havoc on 2133, players must unite around the world and establish a transcontinental rebellion to protect the future of mankind. 

Gravity Jack’s 14 year history in the mixed reality space uniquely positions them to create a revolutionary game of this caliber, capitalizing on emerging technological trends to deliver consumers an experience they crave while still incorporating features that accomplish the larger mission: alleviating global poverty.

Play-To-Earn Questing 

Beyond just fighting futuristic monsters and a real AI villain, users in specific areas will be given geo-targeted quests that generate real-world income. While multiple play-to-earn opportunities will be available, the most noteworthy will be in-game language quests that pay users to translate their native languages and verify the translations of other players (each translation will be verified five times). 

Roughly half the world lives on less than $6 a day, so facilitating opportunities for these individuals to conveniently and easily generate income while playing an entertaining game has the potential to dramatically improve quality of life in certain underserved areas. Just a few extra dollars a day can save the lives of people in extreme poverty by providing extra nutrition, medicine, and personal items. 

Not to mention, translating native languages brings formerly marginalized groups onto the international economic stage, giving them new levels of access to the free market and trade.

Gravity Jack Announces AR-AI Project Designed to Alleviate Global Poverty

The Benefits and Barriers to Translation 

There are around 7,200 worldwide languages, and around half the world speaks a non-trade language natively. Google Translate has over 500 million daily users, while ChatGPT has roughly 60 million daily visitors. 39% of marketers use Machine Translation (AI) for their localization strategies, and the global machine translation market is expected to grow in all sectors over the next five years, reaching 3 billion USD in 2027. Yet despite expanding demand, frequent use, and a growing market, 40% of the world’s languages are endangered due to the low language capacity of top machine translators. 

Top tech companies like Google and OpenAI will likely never translate the remaining 7,100 languages due to high cost and barriers but low return. Meaning, it is expensive to translate a language and difficult to train the AI with limited data sets for rural languages and reaching the small people groups who speak those languages does not justify the cost.

Gravity Jack’s unique method, however, will crowd-source the data sets and the verification process, removing significant barriers to translation. But why do these languages need to be translated at all? 

Data shows that 75% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product in their native language, with half of them saying that having information in their native language is more important to them than price. Our initiative will not only translate the remaining 7,000 languages, but facilitate communication between market players and these formerly marginalized communities, expanding international market potential for everyone. 

From a humanitarian perspective, over 2 billion people worldwide currently cannot read in their own language, while 40% of the world’s population does not have access to an education in a language they understand. Giving communities the ability to consume information in their native language has been proven to improve nutrition, medical care, and income.

Gravity Jack’s mechanism for global uplift with play-to-earn gaming and language translation is the result of their cornerstone philosophy for this new venture: Opportunomics.

The Larger Scalable System at Play: Opportunomics  

Opportunomics is defined as: a scalable and stable method of creating value and systems of value exchange in which all players/actors/entities within an ecosystem are incentivized to desire a mutually beneficial outcome. 

In its simplest form, Opportunomics is the application of game theory, specifically the Nash Equilibrium, to world economics. It relies on the idea that all players in a given situation will act on their own self interest, rather than the greater good, and supplies an option that aligns self-interest with the greater good through value exchange. 

In order to effectively apply Opportunomics, one must consider all players in a given ecosystem and establish a system of value exchange that fulfills a need or desire for each interest. 

In the example of WarTribe of Binyamin, Gravity Jack creates value for gamers by providing a high quality, cutting-edge game with in-game purchases. The revenue from those purchases then funds the payments for players in underserved economies who complete play-to-earn quests. In turn, the completed quests provide data sets to Gravity Jack to build an AI language model that serves established market players and brings formerly marginalized groups onto the international economic stage. At the same time, licensing of the AI engine provides ROI for Gravity Jack shareholders.

The method of Opportunomics is scalable for any business with an interest in social impact by applying the Nash Equilibrium to the business model. Gravity Jack believes that Opportunomics at work could have significant effects on world systems and global uplift.  

About Gravity Jack

Gravity Jack was founded in 2009 by Luke and Jennifer Richey as one of the first augmented reality agencies in the United States. The company has been pioneering mixed reality technology for the last 14 years, evangelizing augmented reality before most people even knew it was possible. They are dedicated to creating the future experience and seamlessly integrating technology into the human experience. 

They recently launched a campaign on StartEngine to fund their latest venture, WarTribe of Binyamin, and have seen significant traction for the project – reaching a quarter million in funding in just 2 months. 

To get involved in the project and become an owner in Gravity Jack, visit

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