AI Content Writing: Is It a Blessing or Curse?

Technology is changing the course of all aspects of our lives. From business to simple day-to-day chores, technology provides a solution to every problem and continues to make our lives easier. All businesses working in the market understand the importance of posting fresh content on their website in different forms, which helps with search engine ranking and overall website traffic.

AI Content Writing is one of the tools that is revolutionizing the business market. Traditionally, writers helped with content creation as per the brand’s requirements and algorithms of the search engines. But now, various technological means have come forward to speed up the process and provide more content in less time which beats manual labor. The rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) writing has streamlined content development for businesses and made target achievement easier.

The best use of AI generators for writers is for brainstorming and boilerplate text. Writers still must edit for facts, flow, and tone of voice. Writers still add their own stories and examples based on experience.

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Simple and easy-to-use AI tools is available for spelling and grammar checks. More advanced programs help with copywriting, blog writing, and content generation with extensive research in just a couple of minutes. But is AI technology for the better or, the worse? Let’s find out in this blog.

What is AI Content Writing and How Does it Streamline Businesses?

Today, businesses do not only operate physically but also invest in their online presence to increase their market reach and expand their clientele. For this, using tech-savvy means and ways is vital as it ensures effective results in a set timespan. Content development is crucial to enhance your marketing strategies and streamline your business operations. Thus, AI tools are excellent for conducting content marketing strategies and utilizing every beneficial tactic to get market dominance and success.

Your business websites are a means of connecting with your target audience in a set niche. With the help of copies for blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions, ads, social media posts, video posts on youtube, etc., you can connect with your client community and market your products and services. The AI writing tools are not a replacement for human writers as of now, but with the pace with which everything is advancing, that time is close. But how do these tools work?

The tools use AI assistants to generate content outputs on the bases of user-given input. The output data is mostly human-like since a human gives the input. This sounds just like a calculator, right? Well, the mechanism of functionality is pretty much the same. The tools drive more data, research extensively, and help with the most concisely written piece. The best part of these tools is that they learn user preferences and modify their search and performance tactics accordingly.

How Does Content AI Writing Works?

Researching different topics and then writing a fully optimized content piece is a time taking process. But with AI tools, you can develop simple and effective yet speedy content, all by giving brief instructions and pumping out top-notch content in a matter of minutes. The written pieces are optimized and just as research-oriented as they are when humans write.

The leverage here is that your content can be as per your requirements. All you have to do is give the right instructions. Using certain tools, AI assistants teach themselves everything available online about a certain subject. These tools are designed to always learn and adapt to new things.

To use the AI tools for writing, all you have to do is select the content type and give instructions, such as the topic, description, and important keywords, and select a tone to generate a full-fledged blog or any other content piece. The generated article is based on your input and is easily produced in a few minutes. Another amazing feature that AI content-generating tools allow is that the user can also give feedback and select the writing style, so over time, you can help the AI assistant learn and optimize itself.

What are the Pros and Cons of AI Content Generation in the Long Run?

With advancements in technology and rising market competition, every business wants to stay ahead of all its competitors. Moreover, they want practical solutions that can be achieved as quickly as possible. AI content tools allow businesses not entirely to rely upon human-written content pieces but involve technology in their business strategies and get noticeable results in less time and effort.

Today, writers need to be aware of AI content generators. These tools can help you write content that is both engaging and effective. AI content generators are able to generate content based on a variety of parameters, including your target audience, the topic you are writing about, and the tone you want your article to have. This means that you can rest assured knowing that your article will be high quality and aligned with the desired tone and style.

But just as with everything else, where these tools make the business world ever-evolving, they also pose some pros and cons. In this blog, we will get into these details to get to a conclusion of whether these tools are good or not!

Pros of Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools 

If you use AI tools to assist you with some things like outlines or lists of ideas, a few paragraphs of writing your own thoughts, and adding your own personal voice to the mix, it’ll make a brilliant article. The key is to help AI tools assist you in saving research time. Not to publish poor content.

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Following are some of the content writing pros of AI tools:

Efficient Writing and Scalability 

The business world is constantly changing, and new technologies are playing their roles in updating every aspect of the business world. One of the prime benefits of using AI tools is the time-saving element they provide their users. The tools can generate well-written content quicker than humans and save time. Content generation with AI tools does not need as much time as humans require to research and then write a two-page article in around 30 minutes to an hour.

These tools can provide work done in bulk and make it easy for businesses to keep their websites, products, and services updated as per the market requirements. Another important aspect that becomes achievable with these tools is meeting the trendy requirements going on in that specific business niche. Moreover, it does not only produce content in one language, but you can set your preferred language and get instant results. This helps businesses and does not make it mandatory for them to find human writers that can write in a certain language.

This tool also is proficient in writing for multiple platforms and in different tones to put relevance, impact, and effectiveness at the top.

A Cost-effective Tool 

Quality content holds its price, and experienced human writers cost approximately a few hundred dollars per project, depending on the research required, the number of articles or posts, the word count for each post, and all the technological requirements.

Collecting it all, it gets a lot pricy for businesses to pay for limited content pieces in a set time when they want fast delivery and want to meet the required standards too. In such cases, AI writing generators become a cost-effective solution as it drives a lot of content in a limited time and does not charge for the effort they put in as humans do. So, businesses can cut down the prices and manage their content development. This factor makes using these tools a win-win situation for brands and market companies.

Overcome the Writer’s Block Situation 

It is very common for humans to take time to brainstorm and understand different topics. But another bigger hurdle that many faces are writing creatively about a certain topic. While writing, many writers go in a state of blank mind, which makes it hard for them to process their thoughts and write as per the requirements.

This feeling compels human writers to reconsider their written content and put more time into research to uncover different aspects and sides of the topic, resulting in delayed work deliveries. But AI assistants do not face writer’s block and can write about anything quickly and as per the directions given to them. This ends up back to writing efficiency, as AI tools can spark new ideas for content development.

I think there’s a way to use these tools correctly. If you are just adding a title and letting the tools push out a 1000-word article within 10 seconds, it’s going to be rubbish and rephrased from the already existing content on google, with no real value.

It’s Fast

AI content generation also has another benefit – it’s fast! Compared to human writers who may take several hours or even days to produce an article, an AI-generated article can usually go live within minutes or hours. As a result, there’s a lot of time saved – all articles can be published quickly and easily in today’s digital world. Of course, there’s still a need for human input because AI writers are far from perfect. However, there’s no doubt that they boost the productive output of content writing to another level.


The Cons of AI Writing Tools

Following are some of the content writing cons of AI tools:

Quality Comprising Factor and Plagiarism

Since the AI assistants do not understand emotions and find all the researched data on the online platforms, there are high risks of compromise on quality and even bigger risks of plagiarized content. The reason behind this is that AI-written content relies heavily on digital data analysis. They do not understand the right tone and emotion required to write on a topic and can sound too robotic without any human sense.

Bad Google Ranking and Overall Devaluation 

Another issue with writing tools with AI is that the content developed is usually not as authentic as humans can write. Moreover, it does not meet the required standards that people need. Human-written content provides a satisfying experience, and if it is SEO-optimized, it beats the quality status of AI-developed content.

Lack of E-A-T

Lastly, AI-developed content does not hold enough Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness (E-A-T). These factors are mandatory for well-written content. Moreover, it does not have any creative touch that human writers can include. This is why AI content writing tools are optimal tools for writers to get a draft of how an article’s structure should be. But it can never replace the need for creative human writers to make the business profiles human-like and not robotic to which no one can relate.


In conclusion, AI writing tools are not a curse but a blessing. These tools can make writing and data collection easier for humans and optimize their time scheduling for certain projects. But it cannot entirely replace the worth of unique human-written pieces.

You’ll hear mixed opinions about AI content generator tools. Some say it’s stealing writers’ jobs and pushing out rephrased content. Others believe that it helps get things done fast and easily. As a blogger and content writer myself, I am pro AI writing tools. I use them to give me a blog outline within seconds, which saves me hours that I have to spend on self-research and stuff. Not only that, but it also gives me ideas that I may have missed otherwise but could prove to be beneficial for my readers.


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