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AI Big Model Industry: WiMi Hologram Cloud(WIMI) Focuses on AIGC Technology

AI Big Model Industry

In 2023, we witnessed that the ChatGPT brought the so-called iPhone moment to artificial intelligence (AI), creating a new record growth of Internet applications, and the big model became the core of the attention of various industries.

In this context, AI large model is bringing new opportunities for the development of thousands of industries, and large model manufacturers and industrial scenarios are becoming a feasible path for the industry to explore the application of large models.

Large model applications are booming

Baidu (BIDU), Alibaba (BABA, Tencent (TCEHY), and Huawei’s big model are stepping up research and development and upgrading. According to the research report on China, 79 large models above 1 billion parameters have been released in China.

The wave of AI triggered by ChatGPT has been continuing, and several US stock-listed companies have also laid out. Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk has officially joined the artificial AI (AI) war to build AI company xAI. From the perspective of team members, xAI may involve deep learning, AI programming, interactive language modules, and so on.” Musk said the goal of xAI is to focus on answering deeper scientific questions, hoping that AI can be used to help people solve complex scientific and mathematical problems and” understand ” the universe.

Tesla (TSLA) CEO Elon Musk

Accelerate the multi-scenario application of AGI

In addition, Musk remains very optimistic about the future of general AI. The imminent realization of AGI is already a very clear trend. He expects AGI (general AI) to be available by about 2029. Therefore, Musk believes that xAI’s mission is to safely develop AGI, which is to work in the direction of AGI’s goals.

Although the current AGI is still in the early development, there is no lack of international technology giants and domestic Internet group bet on big model research and development, aims to broader data and corpus scale drive AGI more widely commercial ground, and has been in including text, code, image, voice, video, and many other fields and scenarios.

In addition, industrial analysts predict that the next few years will be a window period for the rapid development of large models, and AGI-related algorithms, computing infrastructure, downstream B-end general application software, vertical industry fields, and industrial software fields are all expected to see accelerated growth.

WiMi Hologram Cloud stimulates AIGC productivity

It is understood that in this AI battle, the first holographic AR-WiMi Hologram Cloud (NASDAQ: WIMI) vigorously promotes the research and development of AI technology, combined with its technical advantages, completed the quality improvement and scene expansion of video, advertising, and other products, the current product competitiveness and user experience are constantly improved. At present, the company has been in Al + digital education, AI + digital culture media, Al + digital health, AIGC + office, AIGC + travel, and other fields layout, so that AI power to all aspects of all industries.

AR-WiMi Hologram Cloud

Standing at the singularity of the digital technology revolution, the big model is just the beginning, and the integration of AIGC and industry will blossom into the future of creativity. It is reported that WiMi Hologram Cloud is currently leading most of its peers in the industry, taking the lead in laying out the large model track, following the international technology trend, and taking the lead in launching the WiMi AI assistant of large model products, at the same time exploring the commercial layout of the large model, realizing the modular construction of the large model, so that the large model can make a breakthrough from the application level combined with the industry scene.

With the rapid development of generative artificial intelligence technology, the curtain of the AGI era has already begun. In this new round of AI revolution initiated by the big model, the industrial demand shows explosive growth. To further increase the investment in AI strategic product matrix, WiMi Hologram Cloud focuses on the AIGC business plate, which will open up new growth space. To better focus the resources on the AI business sector, take advertising AI and chip algorithm AI as the direction, integrate the resources of each sector, optimize the allocation, promote the implementation of business development, explore new business models, constantly broaden the industry boundary, and inject impetus into the new round of rapid growth of the company.

At present, artificial intelligence technology has evolved to a new stage of artificial general intelligence (AGI), which will lead the productivity transformation of various industries around the world and have a profound impact on the economic structure. WiMi Hologram Cloud New application scenarios and application modes are emerging rapidly. In the process of the transformation and upgrading of thousands of industries, an open and prosperous ecology is a crucial driving force. It can not only accelerate scientific and technological innovation, improve production efficiency, and continue to promote the leap of AI infrastructure capacity, but also promote the effective use of resources and promote the development of the social economy.

To sum up

In the future, all industries will not be separated from AI, and AI applications will be everywhere. From the perspective of future needs, AI is a kind of productivity. As more and more technology giants devote themselves to the innovation of the general big model, the road to AGI is within sight. At that time, the crossover application of multiple fields will become the key to testing the ability of each big model, and thousands of lines and industries will give the test of “cross-scene”. The essence of science and technology is to return to solving problems. We expect to build the AIGC productivity platform to truly serve the development of AGI +’and realize the leap in the value of the big model industry.


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