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AI-based AOI Machine: Simpler, Faster, And Sharper

AI is proving to be a game-changer in many applications across various sectors. In the optical inspection niche, the incorporation of artificial intelligence is a hot topic these days, and this particular market is expected to grow significantly.

In PCB and circuit board production, using an AOI machine is crucial as it helps detect defects and ensures quality control. The addition of AI to these machines leads to superior, more accurate, and faster automation. Read on to learn why AI-based AOI machines are in high demand these days, how to incorporate AI in AOI inspection, its benefits, and more.

Why is AI Needed in AOI Machines?

PCBs and electrical circuit boards are becoming more and more complex with time. Their complex production processes require careful inspection to identify and flag defects on time to ensure the final product is free from issues and satisfies the quality standards set by the industry. While AOI machines are quite sophisticated and beneficial when it comes to achieving this, they are far from perfect.

Multiple visual inspections are typically performed at various stages of the PCB production process. The use of an AOI machine, while faster than manual industrial inspection, is still time-consuming and prone to errors. That’s why manufacturers nowadays use artificial intelligence to enhance the performance of these AOI inspection systems.

When combined with an AOI machine, AI offers many unique advantages and makes the production process faster and more cost-effective while also ensuring better quality control.

How to Incorporate AI in AOI and its Advantages

AI-powered AOI inspection system offers many advantages. It automates decisions, identifies manufacturing defects, highlights product differences, and offers valuable data for enhanced quality control. To incorporate AI in an AOI machine, you need a combination of complementary software and hardware that is capable of performing visual inspection with great efficiency and accuracy. The good news is, many brands, e.g. Maker-ray, offer systems and solutions that contain everything that’s required to start benefiting from AI-powered automated optical inspection.

New advances in artificial intelligence have raised the bar in AOI machine technology. It has three key advantages:

  • Simpler

AI-powered AOI systems make inspection simple, reliable, and traceable. For instance, Maker-ray’s intelligent visual inspection products have helpful features like automatic component recognition and deep learning to automate the inspection process and identify defects efficiently.

  • Faster

An AI-based AOI machine contains algorithms that enhance the visual inspection capability of the system for faster scanning, defect recognition, and more. Products offered by Maker-ray remove manual steps and significantly cut production time thanks to autonomous component recognition and faster defect detection.

  • Sharper

The incorporation of artificial intelligence in AOI inspection improves the accuracy of the system. Maker-ray’s intelligent automated optical inspection systems scan PCBs and instantly adjust to their actual topography to provide accurate results and detailed analytics.

Maker-ray Provides Dependable AI-Powered Inspection Solutions

Investing in a reliable AI-based AOI inspection system is a smart decision. Depending on your needs, there are many products to choose from at Maker-ray. The brand specializes in manufacturing and supplying a wide range of intelligent optical inspection products that are suitable for various applications in different sectors.

Some popular categories of AI-based AOI machine products that the brand covers include THT AOI, SMT AOI, 3D SPI, and Coating AOI. The products offered in each category are efficient and have been designed to facilitate quick scanning and detection of defects during the PCB fabrication process.

These products are more than capable of replacing your manual inspection systems to help you achieve a faster inspection process, less labor time, higher yields, and cost efficiency.


Thanks to the incorporation of artificial intelligence in automated optical inspection techniques, developing intelligent systems that can surpass human-level precision in detecting defects and enhancing quality control is now achievable. The AI-based AOI machine system market is expected to grow significantly because of the various benefits. If you are looking for dependable products in this category, Maker-ray can cover all your needs.

Based in Guangzhou, Maker-ray develops industry-leading AI-powered AOI inspection systems. The brand’s products feature state-of-the-art AI technology and innovation for better defect detection, process control, decision-making, and analytics to improve PCB and electrical circuit board production processes to ensure faster, more consistent results and quality control.

If you are looking for a customized AI-based visual inspection solution, get in touch with Maker-ray’s experts today.

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