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Ahead of Affiliate Summit West 2024 in Vegas, Sitetrail Unveils Most Profitable B2B Program To Date

AffiliateSummitWest - Sitetrail Announcement

Sitetrail, a leading digital marketing and PR platform used by agencies, has unveiled what is being touted as the most profitable B2B affiliate program to date. This announcement comes just before the highly anticipated Affiliate Summit West 2024 in Las Vegas, as the CES2024 event in is nearing an end.

Average Customer Lifetime Value: The Affiliate Game Changer

With an average customer lifetime value of $5,000 and a staggering 20% recurring lifetime commission, Sitetrail’s program offers a lucrative opportunity for affiliates. One New York publisher shared their success story, earning $142K in the first 12 months by targeting B2B audiences.

B2B Affiliates – Tapping into a $300 Billion Industry

Sitetrail’s program is a gateway to the booming $300 billion digital advertising industry. The company ranks on the TOP 10 EPC vendor list for 50 top-tier U.S. affiliates, ensuring high returns for its partners. Being on the intersection of digital marketing, AI automation and the huge digital PR industry, the opportunities for monetization and helping businesses find what they really need, is the real opportunity here.

Exceptional Earnings and Reliable Payouts

Affiliates enjoy fast, reliable payouts with effective tracking systems. A Texas publisher reports an average earning of $6,000 per landing page per month, showcasing the program’s high earning potential.

Sitetrail’s Affiliate Marketing: Tapping A Profitable Sector

Sitetrail’s program stands out in the crowded affiliate marketing landscape. Their services cover a wide spectrum of digital advertising needs, including PPC management, video marketing, press releases, and more.

The World’s Highest Paid Affiliate Program

This multi-sector B2B program allows affiliates to tap into high-demand business services, with multiple SKUs and massive search demand. Affiliates can earn up to $900 per client initially, with the added benefit of lifetime recurring commissions.

Who Can Join Sitetrail’s Affiliate Program?

The program is open to a diverse range of individuals and companies. This includes existing B2B publishers, web hosting companies, startup formation services, and even individuals with time to invest. Sitetrail’s training program equips affiliates with proven B2B tactics to maximize earnings.

A Brief Overview of The Opportunity:

  • Best paid B2B affiliate opportunity
  • Market leader with unique, in-demand services
  • Potential for passive, recurring revenue
  • Transparent, self-service affiliate system
  • 90-day cookie tracking for commission on each sale
  • Extensive support and training for affiliates

Comparing to Forbes Advisor’s Current Affiliates

While Forbes Advisor promotes a variety of affiliate programs, Sitetrail’s offer appears to surpass these in terms of profitability and scope. The high lifetime value of customers, combined with the broad range of services offered, positions Sitetrail as a more attractive option for those looking to dive into the B2B digital marketing sphere.

Affiliate Summit West 2024: A Glimpse into the Future of Affiliate Marketing

The Pinnacle of Affiliate Networking

The Affiliate Summit West 2024 promises to be a watershed event for affiliate marketers worldwide. Set in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, this summit is gearing up to showcase the latest trends, strategies, and opportunities in the affiliate marketing industry.

A Diverse Range of Speakers

This year’s lineup features a diverse array of speakers, ranging from seasoned industry veterans to rising stars in the digital marketing world. These experts will share insights into cutting-edge marketing strategies, emerging trends in e-commerce, and innovative tools for affiliate marketing success. The Affiliate Summit West 2024 in Las Vegas features a notable lineup of keynote speakers. These include Zillah Byng-Thorne, the CEO of Future PLC; Alexis Caldwell, Executive Director of Business Development + Partnerships at Forbes; Camilla Cho, SVP at Vox Media; Afshan Dosani, Head of Growth at Kindra; and Eddie Maalouf, Founder & CEO of 4Media.Marketing. This diverse group of speakers represents various aspects of the affiliate marketing industry and is expected to provide valuable insights and strategies for attendees

Workshops and Masterclasses

A key highlight of the event is the range of interactive workshops and masterclasses. These sessions are designed to provide hands-on experience and practical knowledge, ensuring attendees can apply what they learn directly to their affiliate marketing endeavors.

Networking Opportunities

Networking is at the heart of Affiliate Summit West. The event offers unparalleled opportunities for attendees to connect with like-minded professionals, industry leaders, and potential partners. From casual meet-and-greets to structured networking events, there’s a platform for everyone to expand their professional circle.

A Showcase of Technological Innovations

The summit will also feature an exhibition showcasing the latest affiliate marketing tools and technologies. This is an invaluable opportunity for attendees to discover new software, platforms, and services that can help elevate their affiliate marketing strategies.

The Future of Affiliate Marketing

One of the most anticipated segments of the summit is the panel discussion on the future of affiliate marketing. Industry experts will delve into topics like the impact of AI and machine learning on affiliate marketing, the evolving landscape of digital advertising, and the future role of influencers in affiliate marketing.

Past attendance

Affiliate Summit events, renowned for their comprehensive networking opportunities and diverse range of attendees, have historically attracted a wide array of professionals and companies from various sectors within the affiliate marketing industry. Past attendances have included notable figures and businesses, each highlighting the unique value and opportunities presented by the event. For instance, Daniel Harding from Envolve Technology has emphasized the significance of the summit for developing partnerships and networking. Similarly, Jana Seitzer from Whisky + Sunshine has praised the event for its networking potential with both new and existing clients.

Awin, represented by Mark Walters, has also found value in the diverse interactions available at the summit. The CEO of The Five Percent, Marcus Murphy, has commented on the eagerness of attendees to connect and engage in meaningful conversations. TopCashback’s James Little has noted the summit as a key event for meeting a variety of industry players, from advertisers to agencies. Jesse Lakes from Geniuslink has described the summit as a pivotal event for affiliate marketing professionals. Other participants like Marissa Hine from Google, Dj Lee from ApplaSo, Mizanur Rahman from Winsome Impex Logistics, and Robert Ratliff from Marketing Ai LLC, further exemplify the summit’s wide appeal across different regions and specialties within the affiliate marketing sphere. These examples reflect the positive sentiment and high regard in which the Affiliate Summit is held among industry professionals.

An Event Not to Miss

In summary, Affiliate Summit West 2024 is shaping up to be an unmissable event for anyone in the affiliate marketing industry. With its diverse lineup of speakers, practical workshops, and ample networking opportunities, it’s poised to set new benchmarks in the world of affiliate marketing.

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