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Agrochemicals Sector Substantiates Amplified Demand for Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride in the Coming Years – Fact.MR Study

Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride

Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride is a chemical molecule that is most commonly employed as a fertiliser. Other Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride applications in medicines, food, textiles, and other metal industries have seen significant developments in recent decades. These industries are expected to develop at a low rate of less than 5% in the global Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride market. However, agrochemicals would continue to be the most common use of Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride.

According to Fact.MR’s published study on the Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride market, fertiliser grade Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride has seen a rebound in recent years, with a market predicted to exceed US$ 2 billion in 2029. As China dominates 70 percent of global exports, the Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride market is expected to grow steadily. The global Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride market is fragmented, with the majority of manufacturing concentrated in China, which accounts for approximately 70% of global exports.

Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride Market: Key Takeaways

  • Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride is a fertiliser used to increase yield in paddy crops, which is the most common type and accounts for around 90% of the market.
  • Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride is becoming more popular as a salty flavour addition and a replacement for common salt in Western Europe, and the trend is expected to spread to other regions in the near future.
  • The Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride battery is currently obsolete due to technological improvements in Lithium-ion and polymer-based batteries. As a result, battery grade Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride is expected to remain flat until 2029.
  • Medical and pharmaceutical demand for Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride is expected to double by 2029 compared to 2019.
  • In terms of supply and demand, East Asia is likely to maintain its dominance, accounting for more than a third of worldwide Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride supply.
  • The Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride market is fragmented, with China producing the majority of the Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride.
  • The global Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride market is dominated by imports; China is the major exporter, and the demand for Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride in Latin America and the Middle East is largely fulfilled by imports.

“As a result of the widespread usage of Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride in fertilisers, firms must rethink their approach in order to focus on specialist uses.” According to a Fact.MR analyst, “prominent manufacturers are now focusing on developing innovative applications to track changes in the Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride market.”

Key Manufacturers Adopting Dual Process to Ease Out Production Cost

The Hou’s process, which produces soda ash with Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride as a by-product, is used by the majority of Agrochemical Ammonium Chloride producers. Manufacturers have gained a competitive edge as the price of soda ash has decreased globally, lowering production costs. By closely analysing market attractiveness, some global manufacturers have targeted this product specification.

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