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Agile Consulting for Tech Startups

Currently, technological startups are by far the most popular globally, outperforming most industries. According to this startup ranking report from 2021, the US is the leader in innovative startups with 63,703. The second country, India, lags far behind with 8,301.

Unfortunately, startup failure is quite high, and the reasons for this vary. In most industries, the primary reason is the inability to offer the right product for the target market quickly enough.  Other reasons include not marketing products correctly, lack of financing for product development and marketing, and having the wrong team for the job

Presenting the best new products quickly to your consumers is what you want as a tech startup. You also want to ensure that it is positioned and marketed correctly to your target market. Therefore speed, productivity, and product position are vital to tech startups, and agile consulting helps to improve the procedures and processes required.

What is Agile Consulting?

An agile business can move easily and at a rapid pace. That is the concept behind agile consulting – to offer your business the ability to quickly and iteratively react, ensuring it meets all the requirements and deadlines for product development projects. Agile consulting helps to eradicate common problems, including developer burnout, unpredictability, and poor quality when it comes to launching products. It also helps teams to meet unexpected challenges, allowing for the fast reallocation of resources.

Why hire an Agile consultant?  Typically internal training efforts or hiring one scrum master is not sufficient to master the roles, ceremonies and processes that Agile requires.  Agile consultants are trained to be project management specialists, particularly in software development, but also change management experts, too. Their training is based on the agile methodology, offering solutions to assist your tech startup to streamline its entire framework.

The agile method of project management is based on rapid development cycles (often as short as two weeks). These are short cycles called “sprints.” The work is segmented, with the team adhering to a defined team structure and process, with clear roles for the scrum master and product owner. For startups, this means decisions are made faster and fewer meetings are required. The streamlined method also means that solutions are quicker to implement and more likely to delight the target market.

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Advantages of Agile Consulting

An agile consultant can help your startup to implement the right culture, or it can ensure an agile transformation for an existing business. The domains where the changes are applied include roles, processes, and tools. Team members and managers are coached to embrace agile practices, ensuring excellent product development.

What are the Disadvantages of Agile?

The idea behind Agile is to break down product delivery in small segments or increments, allowing products to reach the market quickly and incorporate customer feedback into new features. Often this means that you will ship a MVP (minimum viable product), and have to do more development to release the V 1.0 feature-complete product.

Agile does have disadvantages, especially in complex projects, because different teams define agile differently and it is large to mesh them together.

Another problem is that Agile does not eliminate documentation, it just changes the documentation required, often emphasizing user stories over design documents. Sometimes, projects may easily be sidetracked when there are no boundaries to keep the Agile team focused on its mission. Agile does not work well if its team members are working on multiple projects at the same time. Finally, because Agile tracking is done over many sprints, keeping track of progress (measured as user stories completed can be tedious).

Agile Transformation

Agile consulting services, like those offered by TCGen, can help your tech startup implement Agile methodologies to help your team develop and improve products faster. Your team can learn how to incorporate user feedback to improve the product and understand how to identify key use cases. The Agile transformation can help your startup with metrics for sustainable growth and improvements, while also helping it develop a customer-centered approach.

TCGen’s approach is to provide a combined approach throughout the team with customized solutions to meet all the challenges within the framework of the startup. TCGen’s founder, John Carter, has years of consulting experience, and he led Agile transformations across many tech industries, like medical, consumer, internet infrastructure, and throughout Silicon Valley’s product divisions. This expertise has taken years to build, and custom-created solutions can be found for any tech applications using Agile software tools and other applications.

Final Take

The agile approach, provided by someone with a deep understanding of Agile development, is designed to assist your startup to work efficiently toward your goals for growth and sustainability. By working your projects through the various segments, they are completed in fast and repeated stages. This increases your team’s understanding of the project, and fast solutions are ensured to counteract any hitches. A transparent process with more control is created, providing your startup with increased productivity, better product quality, and customer satisfaction. Finally, the end product is ready to hit the market at a faster rate, meaning a higher return on your investment.

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