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Agency That Made Millions Through OnlyFans Now Invests In Competing Platform

Lost Boys Agency, a leading digital marketing agency that made millions with OnlyFans, has decided to leave the platform behind and invest its clients and earnings in a rival platform.

The company, founded by two forward-thinking tech entrepreneurs, has an impressive track record of exceptional results, with an average monthly net revenue of more than $2 million per client. In addition, Lost Boys Agency has the highest-earning individual talent in the history of OnlyFans, which earned more than $55 million in its first year.

According to the founders of Lost Boys Agency, they accept various forms of payment, including cryptocurrency, and pay their content creators on a daily basis. The agency initially developed this service for their own clients, but it is now being used and will soon be available to everyone. Additionally, Lost Boys Agency has invested its earnings in NewFans, a platform showcasing the work of creators in music, art, fashion, film, and mature content. The investment includes the opportunity for creatives to participate in the company and provide feedback on desired features. One of the founders expressed excitement about this opportunity, noting that it was the first time they had seen such an offering.

With the proceeds, Lost Boys Agency has invested in rival platform NewFans, which showcases the work of creators in music, art, fashion and film, as well as content for a more mature audience. “This is really great because they are now giving creatives the opportunity to participate in the business, something I’ve never seen before,” one of the founders told me. “They are eager to receive feedback from creators and are quickly implementing features they would like to see.”

Lost Boys Agency recently received a multi-million dollar offer, but decided to turn it down and remain independent. The company has set out to build their own brand and vision, including their own platform NewFans, and it is clear that their success will continue to grow in the coming years thanks to their innovative approach and willingness to take risks in the ever-changing digital marketing world.

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