AGELOCER Volcano Watch | Witness the power of the earth’s 4.6 billion years of continuous evolution

Volcanic activity is the power of metabolism and regeneration of the earth for 4.6 billion years. As a watch brand that uses mechanical watches to convey the exploration of all things in the world, the AGELOCER “ volcano” series of watches will be launched on the kick starter crowdfunding platform on June 1. With smooth lava-like lines and the surging power of volcanic eruptions, it creates a volcano-themed mechanical watch with bold design and exquisite craftsmanship.

A mechanical watch with the volcano as the design theme

This watch is inspired by a volcano full of energy. AGELOCER integrates the volcanic shape and elements into the mechanical dial, releasing energy on the wrist at all times. Naming the series “ volcano” is the designer’s hope to ignite the surging flame of the wearer’s heart and release a warm, positive, and sunny attitude towards life.

Innovative Volcanic Eruption Timing System

Besides the novelty of design inspiration, AGELOCER has also broken the inherent travel time form of watches. Different from the mechanical watches with three needles on the market, this product adopts a three-hand separation design. The hour hand, minute hand, and second hand have independent timing systems, which revolve around different axes, precisely cooperate without interfering with each other, and carry out the imagination of innovation and breakthrough to the end.

This watch subtly integrates the elements of the dynamic process of volcanic eruption into the entire three-dimensional mechanical dial. The cyclone-shaped hollow minute hand, the upper right corner of the dial is a triple minute hand track, and the minute hand dial is like a new formation after lava cooling. The hour disk turns into a crater, and the “lava” keeps surging to release heat. Every time I look at the watch, I can feel the temperature of the volcanic eruption, which brings vivid vitality to the “ volcano” series.

High-precision CNC integrated cutting technology

The AGELOCER “ volcano” series presents the brand’s bold aesthetic style, perfectly combining angular tough lines with mechanical strength. To carve lava-like smooth lines on the dial, the watch adopts CNC-integrated cutting technology that is 8 times more expensive than the industry, showing exquisite technical details. It is understood that the processing accuracy of this technology can generally reach 0.05-0.1mm. Such a high-precision process can effectively eliminate internal stress and achieve the coexistence of beauty and stability.

Self-developed movement with strong power

The abundant power of the “ volcano” series comes from the Cal.A5505 automatic mechanical movement independently developed and designed by AGELOCER, with an ultra-long kinetic energy of 80 hours. With built-in 35 ruby bearings, the horizontal bridge replaces the traditional unilateral bridge to form a more stable structure, which ensures the stable operation of the movement and provides a more balanced visual aesthetic.

Hard-core contrasting colors, interpreting the vitality of the earth

Volcanoes are the blood of the earth. They erupt, flow, cool, solidify, nourish the life around them, bring energy, hope, and vitality, and show vitality all the time. Referring to the different states of volcanic eruptions, AGELOCER gives the “ volcano” series four distinctive colors, which are in line with the life cycle of volcanic eruptions, and have both industrial metal tension and hard-core mechanical aesthetics.

AGELOCER has always been committed to creating mechanical watches that meet the tastes of young people. As the brand’s sincere work launched in 2022, the “ volcano” series of watches will break the shackles of traditional watches with the most energetic temperature and brightest colors. Our goal is to surprise consumers and become an exclusive watch for young people to show their unique personalities. If you are interested in this watch, you can log on to the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform on June 1 to learn more about it, I believe you will be impressed by its distinctive design style.

Product parameters

Product Model: 5003J3

Case size: 44*44mm

Case Thickness: 12mm

Strap width: 24mm

Wearing length: 165-230mm

Buckle Style: Pin Buckle

Whole watch weight: 123g

Movement properties

Product Type: Self-winding Mechanical Watch

Movement model: CAL.A5505 automatic mechanical movement

Kinetic energy reserve: 80 hours

Frequency: 28800 vibrations/hour (4HZ)

Appearance Properties

Case Material: 316L stainless steel

Glass material: synthetic sapphire

Strap material: top layer cow leather

Waterproof depth: 50m waterproof (5bar/5ATM)

Media Contact
Company Name: Agelocer
Contact Person: Ken Yip
Country: China

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