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Age of Mars Unveils Red Chaos Alpha Testing

The Age of Mars team announces a significant milestone in their 2024 roadmap—the commencement of the closed testing phase for their flagship play-to-earn game, Red Chaos. As of the end of January, players will have the opportunity to delve into the immersive gaming experience as the initial testing servers are set to launch.

In tandem with this exciting development, Age of Mars is excited to kick off its first major community campaign for the Red Chaos project. This campaign aims to forge a deeper connection with the gaming community by allowing active members to participate in the closed alpha testing phase. Applications for alpha testing access will be accepted exclusively through the official Age of Mars website, and participants in the inaugural Zealy campaign will stand a chance to secure coveted positions as alpha testers, ensuring early access to the game.

The alpha testing phase of Red Chaos promises more than just an exclusive preview of the game. Age of Mars is introducing a range of enticing rewards for alpha testers, including unique in-game items, loot boxes, and $MMT tokens. Game will be available for players at the end of January.

Red Chaos, the flagship game in the Age of Mars Metaverse, is powered by QChain and developed to AAA standards using the Unreal Engine. With its rapid development, the Age of Mars is attracting the attention of industry leaders and is ready to claim the title of the most impressive game project of the year. Age of Mars is a cross-chain gaming metaverse where QChain acts as the general partner and owner of Age of Mars, which QChain Game Studio runs. The seasoned team behind Red Chaos boasts members who have contributed to creating blockbuster games such as Battlefield 2042, PayDay 3, Starfield, Saints Row, and more.

We are thrilled to open the doors to the closed alpha testing phase of Red Chaos and offer our dedicated community an opportunity to be part of this exciting journey,” said the team’s representative. “The support and feedback from our community are invaluable as we strive to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience. Stay tuned for more insights into the development process of Red Chaos and other games within our growing ecosystem.

Red Chaos, which occupies an important position in the Age of Mars universe, represents this year’s flagship game. The company’s roadmap clearly outlines plans and releases spanning the entire year of 2024. This year promises to be a busy and exciting one for members of our community, offering them a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the exciting worlds of other projects.

One of the most anticipated events will be the release of an arcade racing game called Redline, which is already under active preparation. This game promises to bring incredible sensations thanks to the innovative gameplay, which can be seen in the video materials posted by the team. Fans of adrenaline and dynamic battles will be invited to join this exciting atmosphere.

In addition, a fascinating journey into the strategic world awaits us with the release of the game called Red Empire. The development team has already shared with the community videos showing gameplay in the Redline racing game, inviting everyone to enjoy the anticipation of the upcoming adventures.

Follow our updates and announcements on the project’s social media channels, where we will be sharing details and exclusive information about the projects development. We have a lot of exciting things ahead of us and we are excited to share it with our dedicated community.

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