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Against Social Impact Finance – for the Safeguard of Sovereign Human Beings and Democracies

Author: Ciprian Pater, CEO,

Blockchain smart contracts, blockchain identity, medical passports, web3, machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR), social impact finance leading to digital twinning and social simulation modelling for behavioural engineering, synthetic biology, bioengineering, neurotech and its brain-computer interfaces (BCIs), nanotechnologies, robotics, Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, drones, smart-city technologies…:  it is not a coincidence that an enmeshed mix of pervasive digital technologies are lining up all over the world in an attempt to commoditize and control human bodies, human behaviours, human societies – in short, human existence.

An incredible dystopia that is unfortunately not science-fiction anymore: since over 20 years, this is the harsh reality of what an intricate network of large corporations of the private sector, big banks, international organisations (the WEF, the UN, the IMF…), think-tanks (such as the Berggruen Institute), global elite technocrats (business and political leaders) and wealthy individuals have mapped out for the global population, as they are working their hidden agenda towards manipulating and managing the rest of humanity as their commodities to achieve more concentration of power and wealth – multiplying the concepts, programmes and products in relation to the datafication of all aspects of life, aiming at digital slavery under a one world surveillance totalitarian state – while governments take a backseat role, democracy is over-ruled and civil society is mainly window dressing. An anti-human corporatocracy.

The shift towards everything digital has one sole objective: capturing data – and the Covid lockdowns dramatically accelerated the roadmap by offering a wonderful opportunity to force digital acculturation, thus making it easier to impose the new models to come, creating a narrative that helped normalise and enforce the system of power in a world where machine learning, big data and predictive analytics are poised to limit people’s lives in unimaginable ways.

The UN’s “Agenda 21”/”Agenda 2030” (and its Sustainable Development Goals – or SDGs) seeped into the WEF’s “Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)” and “Great Reset” (and its Environmental, Social and Governance – or ESG – metrics) are examples, among others, of converging ideologies and manipulative initiatives intended to annihilate both national sovereignty and self-sovereignty to create a single overarching one-world system controlled by a few.

Along with the attempt to re-engineer the human (technological attempts to optimise and re-engineer the human body to achieve the scary transhumanist ideology beyond all natural science rules), the attempt is also being made to re-engineer the society – not only through a new capitalism (dematerialisation/digitalisation of currencies aimed at fully monitoring and controlling people), not only through a new democracy (tokenization of voting), but also via social re-engineering programs and tools, such as

(i) the Social Credit Systems (SCSs – among which the ESG metrics) using data-based digital surveillance to track and score people’s and businesses’ rights and privileges – or lack of… -,

(ii) and new innovative predatory financial instruments like Social Impact Finance (and all the linguistic terminologies that have evolved around the same concept such as: Social Impact Bonds (SIBs), Pay-for-Success Finance, Outcome-based contracts (OCBs), Hypercerts, etc.).

These social re-engineering tools aim at engineering “good behaviours and actions” from people and businesses to allegedly improve society via dubious rewards/punishment systems based on tracking/tracing/scoring methods to suit the needs of the technological system – coercing people to act in ways which serve the system rather than the people.

Social Impact Finance is a specific investment strategy that claims to benefit society in exchange for reaping financial gains. 

As a matter of fact, after decades of neoliberal disinvestments in public enterprise and infrastructure (inadequate healthcare, defunded schools, poverty, hunger…), global finance has been moving towards taking them over with new dehumanising proposals to extract private profits from the global poor. The global impact investment network (GIIN) created in 2009 led the efforts and in 2015, revisions in tax law allow foundations to use their endowment funds for social impact investing without penalty, unleashing a flood of capital to seed these new social impact markets, with financial instruments such as Social Impact Bonds, or SIBs. Desperate gaps in public funding for public services predisposed government employees to sign on these predatory public private partnerships (PPPs), not coincidentally shifting public sector funds into the hands of global finance. And as frustration with “broken on purpose” systems mount, SIBs are shown as a cost-effective fix, allowing private investors to milk profits from public programs based on their own projections of reduced government expenditures in the future and based on programs meeting a predetermined matrix of evidence-based success. For example, if a person on social security receives their funds via a SIB, a board of investors will track and trace the recipient’s behaviour and reputation scoring, and might determine that the individual’s lifestyle is not conducive to “positive outcomes”, which could mean that welfare recipients are punished by their personal lifestyle choices if deemed detrimental to the goals of the SIBThis is the type of social engineering that is possible with social credit scores and social impact finance infrastructure.

For that precise reason, surveillance-based data collection and monitoring is central to this enterprise. All public service delivery is redesigned and constrained to extract the profit generating data that the financiers demand. Data-driven approaches and investors’ interests are prioritised over relationship-centred care. The need to generate outcomes then shapes how services are delivered, with more screen time and less face time. This dehumanising shift in service delivery takes place not only in public education (rise of ed-tech “solutions” forced on our public schools and on refugee populations), but also in prenatal care, healthcare, social services, mental health treatment, etc.: it’s not anymore about better education, better healthcare, better social services – it is all about better data collection for these social impact markets, that need to maximise the human capital data they collect, on all aspects of peoples’ lives, to feed the predictive analytics. This leads to human lives dominated, constrained, and manipulated by invisible algorithms without any appeal to human judgement.

In this future of human capital commodity, people’s basic human needs are turned into global investment markets, and accessing essential public services will mean for people to first agree to ongoing surveillance and compliance – and to become, in essence, a redefinition of “human capital” as financial instruments.

The Social Impact investment landscape is de facto restructuring the non-profit industry to be data-driven to run these human capital markets while the Social Impact Finance’s PPPs are poised to take over the public sector as they create a new power structure that often supersedes national laws and subvert democratic control of government power, since corporations have engaged in enforcement, censorship, and warrantless surveillance, often doing what the government is legally prohibited from doing – thus showing a cruel democratic deficit.

Social Impact Finance and Social Credit Scores therefore form a two-pronged attack on both individual liberty and sovereignty.

In parallel, if it may indeed take years before a return on a SIB investment is realised, bundling the debt that SIBs represent transforms them into liquid securities that are immediately available for high-frequency trading (HFT). As bets and counter bets are made by elite financial investors, the prospects of real people are crushed into the oppressive operations of global financial markets. Social Impact Finance is therefore nothing more than global finance gambling on people’s future using big data and digital life – the ultimate goal being to embed people into a cybernetic “web”, managing people individually (body and mind) and collectively (behaviours, collective consciousness) towards an optimisation imperative, in order to program society towards social efficiency.

While the so-called philanthropists and financial elite claim they are allegedly doing well by doing good – the true nature of the philanthropic scheme is that it comes with both a financial and a clear social re-engineering agenda.

Under the beautiful and gaslighting narratives that “everything is done for equity and justice”, for “reshaping democracy and capitalism” and for “public good”, this is what the cybernetic environment of these social re-engineering deals are in truth : digital identities, coupled with increasingly powerful algorithmic simulations, are meant for people to be hard milked for their data (and not only from data gathered during the time spent logged into social media but from data gathered from all aspects of people’s lives as integrated parts of the web3 smart contract layers, with their – proactive or forced – participation to good digital citizenship) so that they can give their essence for robots to become embodied, as they are themselves being dematerialised as manipulable data, their consciousness put into transferrable format, making it possible through hard coding to model behaviours, intellect, emotions and consciousness in programmed simulations with the intent to manipulate and optimise collective human consciousness – ultimately remaking foundationally what it means to be a human.

One of the most machiavellian part of this hidden agenda is the corruption of language used by the globalists. Just as the elitists at the WEF and the UN mask their ulterior motives with the use of words like “sustainable”, “diverse”, “equitable”, etc, there is an attempt to hijack the language of individual liberty and bodily autonomy, using the expression “sovereign self-identity” while referring to digital ID – playing on the use of a word like “sovereign”, which in recent years has come to be associated with the truth and health freedom movements. Fighting to preserve the true meaning of these powerful words is essential to prevent the Technocrats to continue their word manipulation, doublespeak insanity – and to pervert, if not erase, the meaning of these concepts – so that future generations have a chance to know what it means to be a sovereign, autonomous human being.

All this is not a conspiracy. These are facts. If you did not hear about these facts, it is because Mainstream Media are owned and controlled by 5 major corporations, and you are not going to get this information from the mainstream press.

We, at PUBLICAE, are standing strong against a humanity captured by machines and controlled by the invisible force of the transnational global capital.

We stand against the restriction and management of the total spectrum of people’s lives in a cybernetic homeostasis, and against all the dominating forces who want to revisit what it is to be human.

We stand against swapping our vibrant human spirits, beautiful in their passionate creativity and flawed vulnerability, for sanitised digital twins that will be managed as human capital by callous technocrats to profit social impact investors.

We stand against the commodification of humanity, against a society where all resources are locked up in mega transnational global capital entities that are not accountable to anyone.

We stand against the forces which are blindly pushing towards the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the age of merging man with machine – and we warn about the dangers of forsaking nature in favour of an all encompassing digital reality, pushing us on the precipice of the “Tech-no-logic world”.

We stand for humans to be humans who resonate with other human beings. We want humans to take back the monopoly of the financial system which is extracting a greater portion of the economy and is destructive of life, the environment, and humanity.

We stand for the idea that what is most essential – philosophically, ethically, politically – is the uncomputable, the indescribable, the unmeasurable, the unrepresentable, the unfathomable.

We stand for the self-sovereignty of people and the preservation of Consciousness – we stand for freedom of Humanity outside of any predatorial construct.

We invite everyone to unify and stand up for a free humanity and against the personal interests of an opulent minority that oversees the global financial market – for us, for our children, for future generations. All of us have a responsibility to ourselves and to others to work for personal freedom, because, as human beings, this is what we are: free.

Author: Ciprian Pater, CEO,

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