Aftermath Islands with LootMogul to Bring Immersive Multichain Metaverse Experiences to Sports Fans, Organizations and Athletes

Aftermath Islands with LootMogul

A sports-focused Web3 Metaverse project LootMogul has partnered with Aftermath Islands Metaverse, a hyper-realistic open-world islands-based virtual world, to implement a multi-chain Metaverse partnership, both companies announced today. The goal of the initiative is to onboard sports organizations, athletes and fans to new immersive and engaging blockchain-based gaming and other virtual experiences built on Web3.

new virtual island

Loot Mogul and Aftermath Islands Metaverse plan create a new virtual island that is dedicated to sports gaming. They will also provide users with the ability to create custom Avatars for celebrities, as well as collegiate and professional athletes. This will provide not only users and players but brands, clubs, competition organizers and other partners with new ways to engage with fans in a variety of innovative Web3-based activities in the Aftermath Islands Metaverse.

Aftermath Islands Metaverse

The deal will help the global sports community scale their identities across chains and will drive the hyper-adoption and growth for all fans by allowing them to create, secure, and customize digital versions of their Avatars and combine them with real-world benefits, LootMogul CEO Raj Rajkotia said in a statement.

“Today, more than ever, it is critical for brands and personalities to stake their value in blockchain and Metaverse activities as they become the next level of consumer engagement,” said David Lucatch, the Managing Director of Aftermath Islands Metaverse Limited. 

Aftermath Islands Metaverse is built using Unreal Engine 5, which brings fast, smooth, and realistic virtual environments using pixel streaming technologies, according to the team. Aftermath Islands Metaverse recently secured funding from LDA Capital and partnered with two bleeding-edge NFT projects, Meta Yachts and Meta Hero, to build out Aftermath Islands’ catalog of in-game digital assets. With new partnerships, developments and updates planned over the coming months, Aftermath Islands Metaverse team says it will be redefining Web3-based decentralized gaming and virtual experiences for all.

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