Aftermath Islands Metaverse Generates Over 1M Resource Pack NFTs, Launches Land Giveaway and Welcomes Michael Gord as Managing Partner

Aftermath Islands

Resource Pack NFTs support a variety of in-game activities – crafting, trading and accessing on-platform experiences.

Aftermath Islands Metaverse is building a virtual world of highly realistic theme-based islands, communities, and estates on which players can access and participate in a wide range of engaging and interactive activities and opportunities. Built on cutting-edge blockchain technologies and using GPU cloud servers, pixel streaming, and the high-fidelity graphics of Unreal Engine 5, Aftermath Islands delivers rich, no-download, browser-based experiences for users on desktops, mobile devices, and tablets.

The company announced that it has reached a significant milestone – over 1.1M user-generated, resource pack NFTs in just 100 days after launching its first free Play to Earn (P2E) browser game called Lost Kingdom of T’Sara (LKoT). Launched last October, LKoT is supported by Liquid Avatar Technologies’ Proof of Humanity – the Meta Park Pass – a novel blockchain use case that creates high levels of assurance with “1 user with only 1 account” concept. 

Designed to reduce fake or duplicate accounts and bots, this technology, accessible through the Liquid Avatar Mobile App, is available in over 100 countries via the Apple App Store and Google Play. Using facial mapping and blockchain-based verifiable credentials coupled with AI-verified age verification tools, Liquid Avatar and Aftermath Islands ensure that players have secure and self-managed control and access to their LKoT accounts.  

To celebrate the milestone, Aftermath Islands is launching a virtual land parcel giveaway for players. Additionally, Aftermath Islands has launched a beta site at, which creates a highly realistic virtual environment where players can do everything from living amazing virtual lives and engaging new environments to work, play, create and socialize virtually in fun, interactive and entertaining environments. 

By achieving the 1.1 million Resource Pack NFT milestone just 100 days into our first release, we know that we truly have something special on our hands for people around the world. Aftermath Islands is the first Metaverse and P2E platform that uses Proof of Humanity to create higher levels of assurance that allow individual players to have single secure accounts reducing the potential for account duplication, fraud, game farming and more. Aftermath Islands features blockchain technologies that allow users to manage and control their digital footprint; we also use NFTs as part of the supply chain management process for access, inventory and more,” said David Lucatch, Managing Director Aftermath Islands Metaverse, and CEO of Liquid Avatar Technologies.

Lucatch also said that Aftermath Islands and the Lost Kingdom of T’Sara are spearheading the global push toward economic inclusivity in the Metaverse. Participants within the Aftermath Islands Metaverse are provided a high level of privacy and security, along with access to enjoyable, entertaining, immersive, and value generating experiences that can be used in-game to enhance their online activities – all with the benefits of Meta Park Pass’™ secure and battle-tested identity footprint creation and management technology, allowing players to anonymously verify themselves as real people, he added.

Aftermath Islands was recently joined by Michael Gord, a serial entrepreneur and investor focused on the mainstream adoption of Web3 applications and digital assets. Michael is the co-founder of the GDA Group, which specialize in the digital asset capital markets, as well as the Metaverse Group. As Managing Partner and equity investor in Aftermath Islands Metaverse, Gord will focus on capital formation, partnerships and growth opportunities within Aftermath Islands.

“Aftermath Islands is poised to become a fully-functional and self-contained Metaverse ecosystem – complete with an extensive collection of opportunities and experiences for our players, where they can collect in-game Resource Packs in the Lost Kingdom of T’Sara for in-game usage. By including in-game virtual currency, homes, commercial properties, wearables, collectibles, and more – not to mention the opportunity to fully verify avatars, build owner-owned-and-controlled stores, events, and other programs – Aftermath Islands is taking Metaverse experiences to the next level,” said Gord.

For updates on Aftermath Islands, please click here. You can also join the project mailing list and receive updates from Liquid Avatar Technologies here.

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