Aftermath Islands Hits 2M User-Generated Resource Pack NFT Milestone

NFT Milestone

The Aftermath Islands Metaverse is taking the NFT and the GameFi industry by storm. The free-to-play and earn gaming project uses multiplayer technology backed by the recently launched artificial intelligence (AI) powered Non-Player Characters (NPCs). Moreover, AI-powered avatars can naturally interact with users and engage more players to enjoy the metaverse.

By offering players a fun and exciting opportunity to acquire virtual lands, the Aftermath Islands is slated to attract more investors seeking blockchain products with immense potential. There are themed islands, community islands, and estate islands that collectors can speculate on and trade.

“A wide range of dwellings, infrastructure, weapons, tools, vehicles, and other playable items are planned for in-game acquisition through purchases, quests, and other promotions,” Aftermath Islands indicated on its official website. Additionally, the Aftermath Islands Metaverse creates opportunities for 3D content creators to trade and earn passive income.

Aftermath Islands Clocks 2M NFTs

In less than two months, the Aftermath Islands Metaverse scaled to about 2 million user-generated Resource Pack NFTs, the company announced this week. The significant development comes when the cryptocurrency industry is experiencing more bearish sentiment due to increased regulatory scrutiny, among other things.

David Lucatch, Managing Director Aftermath Islands Metaverse and CEO of Liquid Avatar Technologies, hailed the two million resource pack NFT milestone, indicating that the protocol has immense potential to scale further. “In reaching the 2 million Resource Pack NFT milestone just a month after eclipsing the 1 million mark, we know that we truly have something special on our hands for people worldwide as our engagement numbers continue to grow and create value,” said Lucatch.

Notably, Aftermath Islands metaverse protocol uses Proof-of-Humanity to create higher levels of assurance, reduce the potential for malicious acts, and allow users to manage and control their digital footprint while also allowing organizations to use NFTs as part of the supply chain management process for access, and inventory.

Furthermore, the Aftermath Islands uses cutting-edge blockchain technology, GPU cloud servers, pixel streaming and Unreal Engine 5’s high-fidelity graphics to deliver a browser-based experience on desktops, mobile devices and tablets.

Each of the 2 million Resource Park NFTs provides the holder with rich metaverse utility on the Aftermath Islands. As a result, the in-platform economy has significantly thrived.

Recently, Aftermath Islands Metaverse launched Events and Player Pavilions that allow players to start their virtual sessions. The project also introduced Meta Yacht speed boats, which sold out in less than three minutes. Consequently, interested speedboat buyers can only access the existing ones by engaging with Meta Yacht owners.

The Aftermath Islands Metaverse provides users with high-definition live streaming capabilities for play to earn games like the Lost Kingdom of T’Sara. The team has made strategic partnerships to help grow exponentially in the coming years including LootMogul, Lux Lions, and Renovi, among others.

Bigger Picture 

The metaverse and NFT markets are expected to grow exponentially in the coming years as utility shifts to real-world economies. For instance, the luxury industry can combine with NFTs and the metaverse market to engage more users worldwide. Countries have also begun developing the technological infrastructure to support office metaverse and cut governments’ expenditures through unnecessary travel. 

Furthermore, the metaverse and NFT markets run on blockchain technology that cannot be tampered with to alter the underlying content. Reportedly, the global Metaverse market size was valued at $43.99 billion in 2022 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 46.35 percent during the forecast period, reaching $432.284 billion by 2028.

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