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AFROTECH 2023: Chaste Inegbedion and Crystal Etienne to Lead Fireside Chat on Gender-Inclusive Innovation in Femtech

[Austin, Texas November 1, 2023] – AFROTECH™ 2023 is thrilled to announce an engaging fireside chat featuring two influential leaders in the femtech industry, Chaste Inegbedion, Chief Period Officer and Founder of Sanicle, and Crystal Etienne, Founder and CEO of Ruby Love and CaJe Inc. This insightful conversation will take place on November 2nd, 2023, at the Hilton Austin’s 6th floor, from 9:30 am to 10:00 am Central Standard Time.

The event, part of AFROTECH™’s Health Summit, aims to explore gender-inclusive innovation within the femtech industry, focusing on the significant role of technology in menstrual health, Black uterus advocacy, and the transformative impact of non-gendered marketing and products. This discussion seeks to break down gender biases, redefine menstrual health practices, promote inclusivity, and empower individuals to become valuable allies.

Presented by Bayer, the Health Summit promises to be a game-changer in reshaping the future of health. Attendees will have a unique opportunity to be part of the conversation and contribute to positive change in the femtech industry.

“AFROTECH™ is the premier tech conference that caters to the Black Diaspora,” stated Tam Hawkins, President & CEO of the Greater Austin Black Chamber of Commerce. “People are discovering that not only is Austin a great place to visit and live, but it’s also a profitable place to be a Black entrepreneur. This conference will help highlight the wealth of opportunities within our community and culture.”

Meet the Distinguished Speakers:

Chaste Inegbedion: As the visionary founder of Sanicle, Chaste is dedicated to revolutionizing menstrual healthcare while promoting inclusivity and sustainability. In his role as the Chief Period Officer, Chaste is committed to changing the perception of menstruation with eco-friendly solutions. Sanicle provides quality products, support, education, and community for women in the workplace. Chaste actively pioneers gender-inclusive femtech innovation, challenging gender biases. His impactful contributions have earned recognition, including hosting the first Black Menstrual Summit and acknowledgment from the Oklahoma Legislative Black Caucus. He is also deeply engaged in UN initiatives, passionately advocating for gender equality and women’s empowerment.

Crystal Etienne: The CEO of Ruby Love, Crystal is a trailblazing Black female entrepreneur and a significant player in the period apparel sector within the femtech industry. She achieved historic funding as a solo Black woman founder in the tech sector. In 2021, alongside her husband, she co-founded CaJe Inc., an investment firm supporting Black women entrepreneurs. Crystal’s journey includes bootstrapping Ruby Love to over $80 million in revenue in under five years.

This event presents a unique opportunity to gain insights from two inspiring leaders and actively participate in a critical discussion surrounding femtech, gender-inclusive innovation, and menstrual health.

“Austin is a thriving national tech hub, home to tech giants such as Dell, Samsung, Google, Oracle, Tesla, Apple, NXP, IBM, Amazon, and Facebook. This is an exciting place to make a groundbreaking announcement,” said Chaste, Chief Period Officer of Sanicle. is proud to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Ruby Love, with support from CaJe Inc, to launch Sanicle.AI.

Crystal Etienne proudly shared, “We are invested in driving positive change, and we’re excited to announce our support for Sanicle.AI. This innovative solution is aimed at addressing the corporate world’s neglect of menstrual health and well-being support for employees. Just as Uber transformed transportation, Sanicle.AI is poised to revolutionize how workplaces support menstrual health for women of color. I’m particularly proud of allies like Chaste who have been instrumental in advancing the work of We’re thrilled to be part of AfroTech 2023 and look forward to discussing the power of technology in promoting menstrual health, gender inclusivity, and women’s empowerment. This is an opportunity for us to make a positive impact and inspire a future where all women can enjoy healthier, comfortable periods.”

Jeff Nelson, co-founder and COO of Blavity Inc., expressed his excitement for this year’s AfroTech Conference, emphasizing the event’s commitment to connect America’s fastest-growing businesses with best-in-class Black professionals. He added, “Year after year, we remain dedicated to curating an impactful AfroTech Conference experience, connecting innovators and entrepreneurs ready to share their personal stories and inspire action.”

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About Sanicle: Sanicle is a femtech company eliminating the stigma surrounding menstrual health discussions based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sanicle has developed a range of creative initiatives and campaigns, including The Period Passport Book, Organic Menstrual Care Box, and the Period Genie game. Sanicle contributes towards educating, raising awareness, and encouraging respectful conversations between men and women regarding a woman identified human’s journey from menarche to menopause.


CaJE is a new-to-market investment company aimed at supporting early-stage, women-led businesses. Founded by Crystal Etienne, Founder & CEO of Ruby Love, a leading period apparel company, and Jean Etienne, Director of Fulfillment for Ruby Love and Crystal’s husband, CaJE is on a mission to create a new category of capital called, “Soil.” Whether bootstrapping, qualifying for pre-seed, or seed-level financing from venture capital funds, CaJE is designed to build and create generational wealth through ideas and markets for Black women.



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