Affordable Security Through Knightscope’s K1 Hemisphere Autonomous Security Robot.

K1 Hemisphere Autonomous Security Robot.

Security in modern times is crucial and for organisations that give priority to their assets (including their personnel), a compromise can lead to drastic results. No wonder today’s security industry has already touched $500 billion and is growing.

With advancement in technology and communications, the industry is increasingly adopting automated and robotic security systems that can supplement the already high tech systems.

Introducing K1 Hemisphere: The Ultimate Entry Point Sentry

The K1 Hemisphere by Knightscope is a wall mounted entry point security robot that is equipped with the latest in technology and artificial intelligence. The K1 can act as monitoring and reporting device at gates and entry points, allowing organisations to keep an eye on what and who is entering and exiting the premises.

The K1 comes packed with the same capabilities that other successful models of Knightscope come with. Yet, the latest iteration is more compact and delivers much more than its predecessors:

  • 180 Degrees of Vision: Three, high definition cameras provide an ultra-wide degree of viewing angle.
  • Strobe Light: A local warning to the unauthorised, telling that their malicious intents have been discovered.
  • Licence Plate Recognition: Identifying and ensuring that only permitted vehicles can cross the entry points.
  • Facial Recognition: Filtering out who are allowed and who are not.
  • Broadcasting Announcements: Built in powerful speakers can pump out predefined messages and announcements to deter unwanted entry.
  • Real Time Communications: An intercom allows for a human operator to interact with people coming in and out of the entry points. Communications run on 4/5G networks that can keep working as long as there is a signal and power available. The communication is further encrypted to prevent eavesdropping.

Knightscope robots such as the K1 are designed to assist and boost an already existing security system, as explained by William Santana Li, the CEO of Knightscope,

K1 Hemisphere

William Santana Li, CEO of Knightscope

“Just the simple presence of a physical deterrent causes criminal behaviour to change” … “They also generate 90 terabytes of data per year. No human would ever be able to process that. The robots are intended to be eyes and ears for the humans, not a one-to-one replacement.”

Effective and Easy on the Budget

K1 Hemisphere is the latest addition to a long line of Automated Security Robots by Knightscope that are surprisingly economical to run.

Considering that their analysis and reaction time is much faster than an average human security (thanks to their AI), the K1 Hemisphere and other ASRs offer a much better alternative. Add in the nominal cost of an average $0.75 per hour, plus $2 per hour for remote monitoring, the security robots are much cheaper in the long run. The Hemisphere can be used on a per shift basis (for example, at night when less security guards are required) or a continuous 24 hours monitoring.

K1 Hemisphere is expected to hit the market before the end of the year.

Human and Robot Combinations

The Knightscope ASRs, where they are designed to run autonomously using advanced AI; they can remotely be accessed through a web-based interface. All data is channel through Knightscope Security Operations Center (KSOC). The KSOC allows security teams to view all flagged events on the go and decide if there is need for any further action, such as sending a patrol or calling in the police and other emergency services.

This allows for not only a faster response, but with the huge amount of data generated and stored in friendly usable format, allows law enforcement agencies to swiftly view and analyse it to deter and even capture miscreants and bad actors.

The products from Knightscope seem to come right out of a sci-fi movie. As intimidating as it sounds, the ASRs are designed to be benevolent, yet actively give security protection. While they may not have weapons or other methods to repel security breaches, they do come armed with a variety of different means of identifying and communicating security issues. 

About Knightscope

With a mission to make the United States one of the safest countries to live in, Knightscope is a Silicon Valley technology firm that specialises in autonomous and robotic security. Along with its latest security robot K1 Hemisphere, the company offers a versatile collection of stationary and mobile ASRs that enhance security, from shopping malls to corporate buildings to even hospitals.

The addition of their robot security has had a massive impact wherever they are deployed, with a reported 46% drop in crime and intrusions. The ASRs are designed to be visible, with aesthetics that are pleasing and soothing to people and the public and yet at the same time remind bad actors that they are being monitored.

The expertise Knightscope offers is the culmination of the combined years of experience of the team. From working in law enforcement to building robotics, the Knightscope team has come together to create robots that are economical to run and offer advanced, robust security across the United States. 

For more information on Knightscope go to or to see the robots in action go to

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