AEXLAB, a virtual reality firm, is working on the first 3D VR NFT VAILIENS — Beginning with blind auctions on the dark web.

With its first NFT release, the virtual reality company leads a fusion of the metaverse and blockchain domains.

Miami, FL, November 22, 2021 — Virtual reality (VR) has long been hailed as humanity’s most lofty scientific achievement. Instead of making the world into a utopia, we can visit several utopias from the comfort of our homes. Why aspire for the heavens when you can visit numerous universes from the comfort of your home? The latest news demonstrates this point, as AEXLAB, the leading VR innovator, has announced the launch of a nonfungible token (NFT) with the goal of combining two hottest industries — distributed ledger technology (DLT), or blockchain, and virtual reality (VR) — to help push towards more and more ambitious advances in entertainment technology.

AEXLAB, based in Miami, is a VR-only game production studio that uses cutting-edge technology to elevate the digital reality experience to new heights. Since its founding in 2015, the firm has produced sophisticated VR solutions adapted to the needs of prominent companies such as Red Bull, the American Institute of Architects, and Epic Games.

The latest and most ambitious AEXLAB creation, VAIL VR, is a competitive tactical first-person VR-shooter that merges cutting-edge virtual reality and social gaming technologies with blockchain-based innovation, resulting in a completely new angle of involvement for the NFT sector.

The company’s NFTs establish it as the first platform to organically connect a virtual reality metaverse with the blockchain world. On Start Engine, the unique idea has already raised over $1 million, and the numbers are still growing.

VAILIENS, a set of unique and AI-generated 3D virtual reality creatures that will be minted for users in the future tactical shooter game, is their first NFT drop.

These VAILIENS will be released as 3D proof of profile pictures (PFPS) that will act as pets in VAIL VR, with each NFT having a distinctive appearance and a set of unusual qualities to add to the game’s utility. Within the VAIL VR environment, VAILIENS are essentially gamers’ full-fledged pets that respond to touch and orders. Their in-game capabilities will steadily improve, including the ability to fight with other players, participate in races, and other in-game activities. NFT holders will be entitled to special benefits such as early access to VAIL VR alpha and beta testing, as well as membership in the VAIL VR Social Club, an exclusive community of dedicated players with direct access to the developers and the ability to influence future game development and direction.

On secondary markets, VAILIENS will be fully transferrable and marketable. AEXLAB teamed together with Metadrop to create a unique NFT drop related to VAIL VR’s early access on Steam. The NFTs auction will begin on November 30 and end on December 3. Various VAILIENS breeds will be auctioned off in six separate auctions, giving gamers access to these unique assets and allowing them to immerse themselves in the unique gaming experience. For daily updates and giveaways, follow AEXLAB on Twitter, and see the links below.


Founded in 2015, Miami-based AEXLAB is a virtual reality technology studio leveraging the latest technologies to create all-new and immersive experiences. The company has created highly-tailored VR solutions for a diverse client roster including Red Bull, the American Institute of Architects, and Epic Games. AEXLAB is currently developing VAIL VR – a competitive tactical first-person VR-shooter combining cutting-edge virtual reality technologies with social gaming and blockchain technologies.

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