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Advice For British Nationals Before Relocating Abroad 

Despite the many benefits of living in their homeland, many British nationals see the appeal of living abroad. According to experimental data from the Office for National Statistics, over 230,000 people left the UK to live overseas in 2020.Despite the many benefits of living in their homeland.

There is a plethora of reasons why people continue to make such moves. Many people emigrate to escape Britain’s world-famous weather. Others simply seek the sense of adventure that can only be found by immersing oneself in an unknown culture. And since expatriate Britons will soon be able to vote in UK elections, there’s now one less reason for them to stay in the country in which they were born.

So, if you are a British national who would like a taste of working and living abroad, what important steps do you need to take before you take the plunge? 

Understand your visa conditions

Different countries have different visa types. Some countries require workers to return home periodically or if you change employment. The bottom line is that you should make sure that you fully understand what the rules and requirements are for your destination country. 

Many employers and even governments provide support with the relevant processes, so use them to clarify. If you’re struggling to get the information that you need, lawyers that specialise in immigration law will give you peace of mind and a contingency in case things go awry.

Get support from your company

If you relocate abroad with your company, you should try to leverage your company’s support as much as possible. They can include help with paperwork and visas, as mentioned in the previous section. However, they can also do much more than this, and may even be able to assist you in the logistics of the big move itself. 

Some companies will help you with the financial side of moving, such as fees for moving services or transportation overseas. You can even use your company to learn about the areas in which you might live in your destination country, as well as about the country itself.

Anticipate differences

Depending on your destination country, you might need to learn a new language. If so, you should try to become as proficient as possible ahead of time. You can’t always rely on the locals to understand English, so a reasonable ability in speaking the native language will be invaluable.

You may be lonely for a period when you arrive. See if you can locate any communities in which you might be able to find a sense of belonging when you move. It’s for this exact reason that many countries have thriving expatriate communities.

Relocating abroad is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Follow our advice above to make the transition from British national to expatriate as smooth as possible!

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