Advantages of Promoting NFTs via Twitter

Twitter, the most popular microblogging service, is built on a fast one-to-many communication model. Because of this, it is often considered to be the best social media site for companies to communicate with a sizable audience. 

So, marketing your crypto project on Twitter can yield excellent results, especially when targeting a young audience.

This article will help you to understand how to promote NFT to the crypto community on Twitter, along with the advantages it will give you.

A Quick Background to Twitter and NFTs

Twitter has become the de facto news and information sharing platform for the crypto and NFT communities. The crypto community on Twitter has grown much faster than any other social media platform, with nearly 1 billion tweets about cryptocurrency since 2020, with 299 million tweets appearing in the past year alone.

Twitter is the best place to be seen and heard from people in the crypto and NFT industries. Creators can now accept Bitcoin tips on Twitter, users can use their NFTs as profile pictures, and investors can connect their cryptocurrency wallets to Twitter for more effortless authentication.

The Benefits of Promoting NFTs on Twitter

Exposure And Access to a Relevant Audience

Using Twitter, you can search for people with similar interests and connect with them as potential customers. 

Through networking, you can increase the size of your fan base and cultivate long-lasting connections with other people, both of which can lead to conversions. 

You can also increase the number of potential customers you have access to by requesting that your followers “retweet” your messages to their contacts in their networks.

Ability to Go Viral

Tweets with viral content spread like wildfire. In less than an hour, a single tweet has the potential to reach millions of people. And with the rapid pace of the crypto world, it’s essential to have a way of spreading information quickly.

If you can quickly tweet helpful information to your followers on Twitter, you will have a competitive advantage over other platform users. 

Connectivity to Other Social Platforms

Twitter’s compatibility with other platforms is another excellent marketing tool you can utilize for cryptocurrency or NFT projects. 

It is not difficult to connect to well-known social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, or Telegram. This then makes it hassle-free for NFT marketers and influencers to share Twitter announcements on other platforms.

Increase Your Credibility and Authority With Twitter

Having a large Twitter following and becoming known for posting high-quality and original content will increase your credibility.

You can develop your reputation through the combination of content topics and participation; this, in turn, raises people’s estimation of your expertise in your field.

Successful Cryptocurrency Marketing on Twitter

Consider the following strategies to create a compelling and secure crypto Twitter marketing strategy.

Twitter DM Marketing

One of the most effective ways to reach your target audience is through DM (direct message) marketing on Twitter. Direct message (DM) marketing on Twitter allows you to send your cryptocurrency pitch straight to the inbox of a potential investor, giving you the ability to reach your ideal customers instantaneously.

Verification of Twitter Account

Verification on Twitter is a must for any NFT Twitter marketing effort. 

Your brand will come across as more trustworthy and genuine, and having the blue Twitter verified badge can also increase the level of trust among your target audience. 

Most prominent cryptocurrencies and NFTs, such as Ethereum and BAYC, have verified accounts on the social media platform Twitter.

Influencer Marketing

Having alliances with prominent influencers and public figures in cryptocurrency can be a powerful marketing tool. 

Use the connections you’ve made in the business world to hook up with the most influential people working in the cryptocurrency and NFT markets.  Your project will gain traction if you promote it to their enormous audience.


Spending a sizable portion of your marketing budget on giveaways and airdrops might seem prohibitively expensive. However, the outcomes can be incredibly profitable. 

If you offer an incentive to Twitter users who participate in the giveaway, they can help you increase brand recognition and participation. In addition to this, it makes it easier for prospective customers to be redirected to your website.


Regardless of the number of people who follow you on Twitter, using hashtags makes it possible to communicate with thousands of users simultaneously. Some of the most popular hashtags in the crypto and NFT space include #cryptocurrency, #NFT, and #BTC.

Final Thoughts

We believe that the most effective platform for NFT promotion is Twitter. If you can persuade people that your collection will be successful in the wild NFT space, thousands of people will follow you, and hundreds of people will buy and mint your NFTs.

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