Advantages Of Choosing Engineered Wood Flooring

Installing hardwood floors can be a wise investment, as they add a timeless and natural appeal to your home. Wooden flooring can significantly enhance the aesthetics of a room, exuding a warm and inviting tone. Engineered wood flooring is a great substitute for solid hardwood flooring, as it offers greater dimensional strength, is more cost-effective, and is hard to differentiate once installed.

Why timber flooring is best for a home?

Wood-engineered flooring is designed to provide greater stability and resistance to temperature and moisture variations. The best part is that the top layer is solid wood, but has a plywood base construction underneath, making it look sturdy up front. The top layer of hardwood runs perpendicular to the plywood base, giving it strength and stability. It is much resistant to changes in temperature and humidity, allowing it to be used with underfloor heating as well as in rooms with significant temperature changes, such as conservatories and utility rooms.

Advantages of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered wood flooring is very popular and in high demand these days. The advantages it provides are simply too good to ignore. Let us have a look at the benefits engineered wood flooring offers:

  • It does not expand and contract as much as solid wood: Aside from its attractive appearance, this is undoubtedly one of the major benefits of engineered wood flooring. Because of its smart construction, engineered wood flooring does not expand and contract as much as solid wood. This makes it suitable for use in places where solid wood would be damaged, such as kitchen and bathroom environments, where moisture levels and temperatures fluctuate enormously.
  • It looks just like real wood: One of the best features of modern wood-engineered flooring is that it looks exactly like real wood. A high-quality engineered wood floor will fool even the most jaded sceptic into thinking it is or could be solid wood.
  • It is sandable: Although the number of times engineered wood flooring can be sanded depends on the thickness of the lamella or top layer, there’s no denying that it can be re-sanded to spruce up its looks. When you re-sand a floor, you can bring it back to life. It is also an effective method for removing surface stains or markings.
  • It is extremely long-lasting: Engineered wood flooring is constructed from layers upon layers of plywood that are bonded together before being topped with a solid wood lamella or top layer. Because of this style of construction, they are extremely durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic in both domestic and commercial settings.
  • It has wider boards: Since engineered wood flooring is made of plywood, it can be created much wider than solid wood flooring. This means that you can find two or three-strip wide plank engineered wood flooring, allowing you to have fewer joins and install your floor quickly.
  • It is available in a variety of species, grades, and finishes: Similar to how solid wood flooring comes in a variety of species and grades; engineered oak flooring has a variety of lamellas or top layers. This means you can get the look you want while also selecting the best finish for your lifestyle. They also come with chevron and parquet patterns allowing you to complete a detailed parquet or chevron floor project in no time.
  • It is simple to set up: Engineered wood flooring is simple to work with, making it ideal for both DIY and professional installations. In fact, there is a click fitting system that is even easier to install than standard engineered wood flooring for anyone who is undertaking a project of this nature for the first time.
  • It is not going to break the bank: The final significant advantage of engineered wood flooring is that it costs a fraction of natural wood flooring while still looking like real wood.

Having wooden flooring significantly improves the overall aesthetics of the room. It works well for both residential and commercial spaces. The best-engineered wood flooring is very similar to real wood in appearance and can fool even experts at first glance. You can install such floors for your property as well.

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