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Advantageous to use a fiber laser cutting machine for a metal cutting machine

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It is advantageous to use fiber optic laser cutting machines for metal cutting tools. With the development of fiber optic laser cutting machines and their increased efficiency, an important question remains unanswered: is this machine good for metal workers to repair paper.

The answer to this question is yes. As mentioned below, fiber Laser cutting equipment is a well-established sheet metal cutting industry. In addition to speed, organization, and efficiency, this machine offers several advantages for steel workers:

(1) Help

What better way to save your hard-earned money than with a machine? This is probably the biggest opportunity for fiber optic laser cutting equipment. This machine offers great storage opportunities and low cost. This machine has a structured and complete structure, as well as a lifetime laser, which only requires a lot of money in purchasing systems. Also, it does not require you to buy expensive eyeglasses, which are required in some common laser machines. Also, the fiber laser cutter’s look lens is embedded inside the cutting edge, so it is not damaged by crushing objects. As long as the fiber is well preserved, its life can be guaranteed and it is not at risk of minor damage.

(2) Secured parts

Conventional laser cutting machines require high resolution and cost of use on fiber optic laser cutting machines. The reason for this is the relocation of parts of the old machine. Fiber lasers do not need moving glasses to increase the power releaser. Thus, if the glass is not properly maintained, the risk of injury is greatly increased, forcing the laser to be removed as the number of fiber optic laser cutters increases significantly.

(3) Ability to cut objects that display

Another important feature of the fiber optic laser cutter is its ability to cut reflective material. Traditional Laser cutting machines have serious drawbacks due to the display of lasers from the display area, but they also have great benefits in this regard. The aesthetic design of the machine allows it to switch to any display area and produce near-perfect results. Its ability to cut stainless steel, aluminum, brass, copper, etc., is therefore widely known in the steel cutting industry.

(4) Electrical operation

In this field, the optical fiber laser cutting machine is also better than the traditional laser cutting machine. Compared to the traditional 4kW laser cutting machine, the 2kW fiber laser cutting machine uses a third of the power. The optical fiber laser cutting machine has been well developed in the cutting plate industry. This is an advantage for employees who want the machine to process large quantities of thinner/thicker material, as it is able to deliver high-quality, high-quality work to be done at an economical price.

How to improve the use rate of sheet metal fiber laser cutting machines?

China is a leading manufacturer of fiber laser cutting machines. At the same time, the continuous working space of the fiber optic laser cutter offers one of the advantages of high quality and precision in its handling of metal. There are, however, a few industries that paper operators want to know about before they gamble on the machine. Therefore, it is important to understand that the optical fiber laser cutting system and the laser control system together form three components of the main machine.

The best part about fiber optic laser cutting machine is that its design is work-friendly. Besides, the actual control capability is very suitable for different machining requirements. Thus, it becomes a factor in the increase in success.

Technological innovations have brought with them some difficulties, such as fiber optic laser cutting technology. The problem with this machine is that the workers cannot use the metal parts properly. So, to increase paper usage and reduce problems, here is the solution.

To use the metal laser cutter sheet properly, you need to start at the edge. This will help you read the rest of the paper, so give you some advice on how you can increase the use of stainless steel. Also, it can help you save resources for future use. This is very important and will help to improve the efficiency of using the tablets.

Not only this but the actual cutting of paper also saves the extra work needed to do the cutting work. This will save you a lot of time, wasteful time, and component maintenance.

Whether simple or complex, the fiber laser cutting machine has high flexibility, high speed, high efficiency, short production cycle, and other advantages, any laser use, can be single to adjust rotation, with low cost, etc. incisional cutting results to provide faster cutting and shaping.

And again, the selected benefits of fiber laser cutting machines make laser repair better, creating a boosting mechanism. This is due to the fiber optic laser cutting machines in China and various parts of the metal processing industry becoming more efficient and efficient.

Second, the fiber laser cutting machine also has nine selected filters

  1. Light conversion efficiency is high, and conversion efficiency exceeds 30%. The use of air conditioning can significantly save energy during operation, save operating costs, and achieve optimal production;
  2. If the laser is working, only electrical power is required, no more gas-producing laser is required, and has a lower efficiency and cost efficiency;
  3. The fiber Laser adopts modular and redundant semiconductor designs. There is no optical lens in the resonant cavity. That doesn’t need a start time. It has the advantages of being fix-free, maintenance-free, and extremely stable, which reduces the cost of accessories and maintenance time. This is a practice unmatched by lasers;
  4. The emission wavelength of fiber laser is 1.064 microns, which is 1/10 of the wavelength of CO2. The resulting beam type is high, the strength density is high, it is very effective in the extraction of metal materials, and has excellent cutting and welding capacity, which makes fixing cost. low;
  5. Every fiber laser metal cutting machine is optical fiber and does not require complex systems to direct light like mirrors. The optical path is simple, the structure is stable, and the external optical path is unsafe-free;
  6. The cutting head of the fiber cutting machine has a protective lens so that the use of expensive materials such as contact lenses is greatly reduced;
  7. Fiber laser cutting machine is the light that is exported through the fiber, which makes the design of the mechanical system easier, and much easier to integrate with a robot or multi-dimensional workbench;
  8. After the laser is added to the valve, the device can be multi-functional, through an optical fiber slot, divided into multiple channels, and multiple units operating simultaneously, easy to add function, easy and easy to mount;
  9. The fiber laser is small in size, light in weight, moving in working space, and small in the foot.

The above are ten advantages of the Fiber Laser Cutting Machine. If you want to know more technical questions, please contact our recommended site directly!

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