Advances in Designs in Powered Surgical Instruments Mandates Need for Proper Cleaning

Products and services in the powered surgical instruments market occupy a prominent position in precision surgical procedures. Powered surgical instruments have gained popularity worldwide as an advanced instrumentation. Developing and developed nations have stridently and steadily focused on expanding the armamentarium of complex operating room tools for better surgical outcomes. Multiple industry-related and macroeconomic factors have enriched the value chain of powered surgical instruments market.

Growing Surgical Expertise and Advances in Designs Increases Functionality and Reliability

Products are typically powered by external power source: by battery, through electric power source, and pneumatically or through air power. Continuous advancements in designs have stemmed from growing surgical requirement for complex procedures. Concomitantly, the skills of surgeons in using instrumentation have also grown tremendously over the years. Incorporation of cutting-edge electronics in micro-instrumentation has expanded the avenue for manufacturers in power surgical instruments market.

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New shapes and designs improve functionality of powered surgical instruments. Further, technological advancements have led to advent of surgical instrumentation that are more reliable than their predecessors.

Complex Parts of Surgical Procedures Seeing Rising Application

A number of complex procedures in surgeries in various specialties has spurred the demand. Adoption of powered laryngeal microinstrumentation in laryngeal surgery is a case in point. Another area is the demand for these in orthopedics. Powered surgical instruments have demonstrated some unique benefits in o-arm-based navigation. A growing prospect is found in scoliosis surgery.

Demand for surgeries that reduce hospitalization stay and have assure postoperative pain is a key driver for adoption of powered micro-instrumentation in surgeries. They are fast replacing manual instrumentation. Medical device manufacturers in the powered surgical instruments have benefitted from the growing application of these in rhinoplasty and septoplasty. In nasal osteotomies, the use of powered instrumentation ensures less tissue trauma, thereby bolstering patients’ acceptance.

Adoption of Best Cleaning Practices Necessary for Reliability

Given the fact that powered surgical instrumentation are complex. Unarguably their maintenance and care need special attention. A number of specialized attachments and devices in powered surgical instrumentation calls for a careful cleaning.

The protocols vary widely in relation to the type of powered surgical instruments used. Extreme caution is exercised not to expose the components of the equipment to liquid or any moisture. There is a pressing need worldwide to raise awareness about proper cleaning and sterilization processes in sync with the equipment manufacturers’ guidelines. The focus on preventive maintenance has increased in hospital settings, boosting the demand in the powered surgical instruments market. Lack of preventive maintenance may lead to injury to healthcare personnel and patients.

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Drill bits, burrs, and saw blades are conventionally discarded, and hence, clinicians should be aware of the correct methods to be used in point-of-cleaning. Another area where extensive research has benefitted powered surgical instruments have benefited is containment method and the number of sterilization cycles required. Regulators reiterate adhering to device manufacturer’s Instructions for Use (IFU) for promoting the best practices in handling and cleaning of products in the powered surgical instruments market.

Booming Medical Tourism Invigorates Demand

Powered surgical instruments have become a lucrative investment for numerous healthcare facilities, notably in emerging economies. Over the past couple of decades, the growing globalization of healthcare services riding on the back of medical tourism has spurred revenue prospects for players in the powered surgical instrument’s market. Rise in complex surgical procedures in healthcare facilities in developing economies in the past few years has also contributed to the uptake of powered surgical instrument in the healthcare sector. Focus of governments and the public health systems to reinforce better patient care through medical tourism has also fueled the market prospects. Further, growing clinical expertise in handling and operating powered instruments has also spurred the uptake of these equipment.

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