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Advancements in Agricultural Industries Instill New Edible Food Product Trends

Advancements in culinary sciences along with ever rising health conscious population has triggered new edible food product trends in the past few years. Adoption of various new edible food products in everyday diet has given manufacturers in various sectors across the larger umbrella of global food and beverages industry new opportunities for introducing products that feature higher nutritional content without compromising on flavor or taste.

Ready to eat food products that can be eaten right from the packet or the ones that require minimal cooking are gaining immense popularity in global population. Key reasons behind this adoption can be attributed to growing urbanization, changing fast paced lifestyles, and growing consciousness regarding ill effects of consuming mass produced or fast and junk food products. Some of the top edible food products trends in the food and beverages industry in coming years include:

Growing usage of edible beans

High protein content provided by the beans and increasing demand for vegan food products has been positively influencing the global edible bean market. Advancements in gastronomy has made it possible to create exciting new dishes and food products using the products offered by players in the global edible beans market. These products also receive high demand which can be met owing to possibility of large scale cultivation of various edible beans. Some of the most popular and widely used products in the edible beans market include kidney beans, black beans, pinto beans, and navy beans.

High demand for Cannabis or CBD infused food products

One of the major emerging edible food product trends is growing adoption of cannabis infused edible food products. Aversion to smoking marijuana, growing number of countries and states legalizing the usage and cultivation of hemp and marijuana, and various health benefits offered by the non-psychoactive component derived from hemp plants i.e. CBD are some of the key factors fueling this edible food product trend in recent times. Widely popular food products offered by players in CBD infused food products market include CBD infused chocolates, CBD infused cookies and brownies, CBD infused beverages, and CBD infused gummies.

Growing consumption of health conscious breakfast ‘flakes’

Growing demand for health conscious food products that feature low sodium and sugar content and use alternative carbohydrates to negate using corn flour or all-purpose flour are proving to be valuable for the uptake of products in global edible flakes market. Emerging products in the industry are revolutionizing the breakfast foods segments in the global food and beverages industries.

Some of the most common grains used by the players in edible flakes market include rice flakes, wheat flakes, and corn flakes. Easy to consume, healthy, and highly customizable nature of the products in global edible flakes market is supplementing the growth of the industry. Growing adoption of new and enhanced production techniques and high fiber and mineral rich nature of these products in edible flakes market is anticipated to motivate sales in coming years.

Rising demand for vegan and organic food products

Increasing demand for vegan food products is one of the most prominent edible food product trends in this decade. More and more people are participating in the vegan food movement of a host of different reasons. This edible food product trend is anticipated to favor various industries under the larger umbrella of food and beverages industry such as edible beans market, edible flowers market, edible glitter market, edible flakes market, and fruits and vegetables market.

Players in various markets are focused on marketing their ready to eat plant-based packaged food products to meet the rising global demand. Certain players are also experimenting with ingenious and ecologically and environmentally friendly food packaging technologies to attract more environment conscious consumers.

Increasing demand for exotic food ingredients

Rising disposable income has supplemented growth of hospitality industry, bolstering the increase in the number of cafes and restaurants in various regions of the world. Rising urbanization and streamlined supply chains have made it possible for the consumers worldwide to opt for more beneficial and lucrative products that were inaccessible some time back. Rise in the fine dining establishments and increasing uptake of exotic food ingredients has bolstered various industries such as edible flowers market, edible insects market, and edible glitter market, among others.

Rising demand for Keto and Paleo diet friendly food products

Growing demand for food products that offer assistance in weight loss or weight gain has triggered adoption of various new diet plans and food supplements in the world. Some of the widely accepted and applied restrictive diets currently in the world are keto diet and paleo diet. Manufacturers in the food products industry are designing new products that meet the requirement of the nutrients prescribed in these diet plans to attract a larger consumer base.

Grain free paleo diet and protein and fat only keto diet requires different type of food and players are developing packaged food products that contain only the components required by people who undertake these dietary restrictions. Growing efforts to widen the inventory of these diet specific food products is also one of the major edible food product trends in recent times.

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