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Advanced Fabric Technologies to Boost Demand of Neoprene-based Fishing Waders – Fact.MR Study

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The demand for Neoprene-based Fishing Waders is now dominated by Asia Pacific, followed by North America. This is owing to China’s dominance as a fishing wader manufacturer, which meets consumer demand for Neoprene-based Fishing Waders at reasonable prices. The burgeoning e-Commerce sector, which has a market value of US$ 4.6 billion and is likely to develop even more in the future years, is the most dominant distribution channel.

Neoprene Neoprene-based Fishing Waders are the most popular, accounting for 34% of the market in 2020, and are expected to continue on this path in the future. Manufacturers’ relatively high R&D spending on product innovation for innovative designs and high-quality materials that enable lightweight and durable waders is projected to drive market expansion.

Neoprene-based Fishing Waders Market: Key Takeaways

  • By 2031, the Neoprene-based Fishing Waders market is expected to grow by around 2X in value.
  • During the forecast period, the market is expected to increase due to rising demand for eco-friendly and better materials.
  • Men’s Neoprene-based Fishing Waders have been the fastest-growing segment among end users, with a 4.5 percent annual growth rate.
  • In 2021, Asia Pacific is predicted to have the highest market revenue, with a 14 BPS increase by 2031.
  • The market for ‘large size’ Neoprene-based Fishing Waders is the most dominating, accounting for the highest market share in 2020 and predicted to grow at a CAGR of roughly 6% through 2031.
  • During the projection period, the e-Commerce distribution channel is expected to have the greatest CAGR of over 6%.
  • Demand for Neoprene-based Fishing Waders was impacted in 2020 as a result of the COVID-19 issue, and it is expected to follow the same market pattern for a short time.

According to a Fact.MR analyst, “increased R&D spending on manufacture of high quality waders will boost market expansion in the future years.”

Why are Neoprene-based Fishing Waders Influencing Consumer Preferences?

Fly fishing’s increased popularity has benefited the industry by emphasising both comfort and function. The development of wader technology is a prime example of this new trend.

Rubber Pants, often known as neoprene waders, are an old technology. Currently, the fly-fishing business favours breathable, lightweight waders. These waders are not only more comfortable, but they are also more functional in a variety of fishing circumstances and locations.

Top-of-the-line lightweight waders, for example, have Gore-Tex® linings for added comfort and breathability. The Gore-Tex® lining helps you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter by wicking away sweat.

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