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AdRaven Review — What Is AdRaven? Is It REALLY Legit In 2022?

AdRaven is a cloud based app that allows you to use cookieless retargeting and sends all the users data bypassing iOS14 blocks, and adblocks using server side tracking. You get accurate data to minimize your ad spend and maximize clicks. This is a Powerful Targeting System that works on Facebook and Instagram.


Over ten million websites are using Facebook Pixel that allows to track leads, sales and conversions on Facebook and Instagram. However there are some news. With the recent iOS update, traditional browser pixel are not able to track any Facebook conversions. You can read more about the advertising changes on Forbes, CNBC, ADweek and more. When Apple started blocking Facebook Ads Tracking Pixel it impacted all Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. It’s not uncommon for most Facebook advertisers to be short up to 30% of actual orders on their store due to tracking issues cause by AdBlockers, Apple’s ITP (Safari and iOS 14 included). One of the possible solution is using Facebook conversion API. Doing that, website data is not directly sent to Facebook VIA Facebook Pixel. You are sending it to an intemediary server which then in-turn passes data to Facebook.

Manually doing that without the help of any developers is next to impossible. Even if you are able to manually set this up you will have a recurring cost of tracking server. With AdRaven even though Facebook Pixel may be blocked by iOS or Ads Blockers, data which is sent to their servers won’t be blocked. The easiest way to implement this without AdRaven is by using Google Tag Manager. Even in this case you need to pay for a Google Cloud Tracking server which can get very expensive. With AdRaven there are not complicated settings. Simply enter Your FB Pixel, Paste the code on your store, site, funnel or blog, Start Targeting The Best Prospects on FB Automatically. You can connect Unlimited Websites and Ad Accounts, Unlimited AdRaven Pixels and Campaigns without extra costs. Another advantage of using this system is that Facebook loves you for using this!


[+] DFY AD Sets  Inside your dashboard you can find 100+ ads templates that you can use for your campaigns. Just download them and make changes.

[+] Image Editor You get an in-built image editor similar to Photoshop so you can edit images for your advertising campaigns inside the software.

[+] Commercial Agency License Included with 5 subs-user seats and individual logins. This means either you can charge them for this retargeting app or for sub-account, one time or recurring.

[+] Unlimited Usage Create unlimited Cookieless Ads campaigns and pixels. Connect unlimited websites and Ad accounts.

[+] Advanced Conversion API This cloud based system captures all the events, conversions, and then sends it to Facebook using their system in real time with the most accurate data possible.

[+] Control On Targeting You can show ads to the best prospects and potential buyers, resulting to decrease in ad spending.

[+] Multiple custom conversions at the same time You can create multiple custom conversion codes with advanced retargeting attributes and URL based trigger.

[+] Copy Paste Code Copy the code generated by the app and paste on any site you want.

[+] Bypass iOS14 and AdBlockers restrictions The app sends user’s triggered conversion events from your website to Facebook server bypassing iOS, Chrome and Safari restrictions.

[+] Cookie Lifetime Extension With a normal cookie tracking you can only retarget your audience for 180 days, with this app you can retarget them up to 360 days.

[+] Hidden Facebook Interests Finder You can uncover hundreds of great audiences to target using just a keyword.


  •  Step1: Connect Your FB Account Connect AdRaven with your Facebook Account. Click the “login with Facebook” blue button. Now Create your Smart Pixel.
  •  Step2: Create the Smart Pixel Give your Pixel a name. Select your Facebook Pixel ID. Copy and paste the test event code from Facebook. Choose the type of conversion you want to track and customize all the fields.
  •  Step3: Paste the code Copy and paste the generated code into your website. Test your events on Facebook. Now you can track all your website activities.


BUNDLE OFFER: AdRaven Bundle $257 Get the entire AdRaven package at a one time discounted price. You get AdRaven Commercial + All The Upgrades OTO 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and save $515 instantly.
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FRONTEND: AdRaven $37 Unlimited AdRaven Pixels, Bypass iOS 14 & 15 restrictions, Safari Adblock bypass, Connect unlimited Websites, Track Unlimited Predefined or custom conversions, Unlimited PageViews, 360 Days Ad Cookie, Get 100% accurate Facebook data, Connect unlimited ad accounts, Don’t give access of your personal Facebook account to 3rd party service, Improve ads performance and boost sales, Conversions API tracking, Unlimited Browser Tracking, Commercial License, 5 Sub User Accounts, 100+ DFY High Converting Ads, Hidden Facebook Interest Finder, Photoshop Like Image Editor, Unlimited Data Sources.
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UPSELL1: AdRaven Unlimited $67 Unlimited Targeting – Find Hidden Interests, Unlimited Websites, Unlimited Pixels, Unlimited Ad Accounts, Unlimited Ad Creator (Create Facebook Instagram Ads), Unlimited Visitors/PageViews, Unlimited Custom Conversion, Unlimited Leads, 14+ Network Social Media Poster, Stock Videos, Stock Photos, Google Tag Manager, AdWords Pixels, Quora Pixels, Pinterest Pixels, Twitter Pixels, Linkedin Pixels, 20 SubUsers.
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UPSELL2: AdRaven LinksRaven $67 Bypass facebook link block, Unlimited Link Cloaking, High Inboxing, In built Fb Remarketing, Geotargeting, Device Targeting, CTA Overlays, Detailed reports, Custom domain, Social media integration, Lead analytics, Link Expiration, Password Protection, Mass Cloaking.
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UPSELL3: AdRaven AGENCY Edition $67 5 Lead Generation pages, Cold Calling Scripts and Email Sequence, Facebook Ad Templates, Google Banner Ad Templates. Start Your Own Ad Agency Business Today.
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UPSELL4: AdRaven RESELLER Edition $197 Run On Your Domain, Add Your Branding, Add Your Logo, DFY Sales Material, User Admin Dashboard, Keep 100% of profit, Unlimited Support.
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UPSELL5: AdRaven Whitelabel Edition $197 Your VERY OWN Software Business, Start An AdRaven Agency In Seconds, No Overhead, No Dealing With Programmers, No Startup Costs, Server Cost or Support Costs, Whitelabel license to ReVideo, Your own branding – (custom logo), Your own custom domain, Your Own Full Whitelabel Client Panel, 1-Click add new clients, Easily manage all your clients, Delete clients in case of non-renewals/cancellations, You can sell one time or sell monthly. Product Support – You have access to all updates and bug fixes as they actively maintain the product.
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Other competing apps charge $50-$100 per month. This software is the only app you can find at a one time price. Facebook lets you create two types of Pixels, one is the regular Facebook Pixel and one is called Conversions API. This is what AdRaven uses for tracking the behaviours of your audience on your website. Facebook and Instagram want you to feed the best accurate data, user behaviour. They want to make sure that they are showing ads only to people who are interested in that and ends up rewarding the advertisers who are generating better ROIs. When you use AdRaven you won’t be penalized by paying more for your ads. If you don’t want to pay for a developer, if you are not willing to pay heavy monthly fees then this app is all you need today to use Conversions API, and you can get a lifetime access for a one time low price only during this special launch, plus you can use it for your clients too. That’s why I integrate this AdRaven review with a huge list of high quality bonuses that you can download instantly in your member area…

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