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Address Verification Services: 4 Reasons The eCommerce Industry Needs Them

Long before eCommerce even became a thing, people had alternative ways to shop remotely. For example, physical catalogs are still relevant even though they have been around for more than 200 years. Then, there are newspapers, which also have a long history of inviting eager readers to send mail to order something. Similar examples can also be found in comic books or magazines, where readers are asked to mail back if they want to buy monthly issues.

So, regardless of how shopping has become more of an online thing, mail-order shopping always needed a valid and accurate address. Address verification is, therefore, not something that is new to the world. 

Nevertheless, what cannot be denied is that tools verifying the addresses of customers have become more essential than ever today. Having them in your company’s arsenal is no doubt beneficial. The top benefits are as follows –

1. Keeps Company Database of Addresses Updated

Having an address confirmation tool from a third-party service provider is beneficial because it updates the company’s database. Those having an eCommerce business can take the help of the tool to ensure whether the customer-inputted address information is legit or not.

Mostly, these tools are powered by an API (Application Programming Interface). It leverages the solutions provided by different apps and software programs to verify addresses.

2. Making Way for Faster Deliveries

Punctuality is something that businesses need to practice in order to cater to many people. eCommerce companies that are punctual and deliver goods fast show their customers how they are valuable assets to the company. That is why eCommerce companies need to take steps to eradicate things that hinder the fast delivery of products. 

Typographical errors from the customer’s end are one of the major factors that lag the delivery process. However, with address authentication services, companies can verify and correct addresses to ensure timely delivery is managed on every order.

3. Avoiding Unnecessary Delivery Hassles

Address verification tools streamline the everyday operations of eCommerce businesses. A company that takes the support of these tools can avoid the hassles and stress of dealing with returned items due to a wrong delivery address. The tools free your business from a group of processes, including checking what’s wrong, validating the address, connecting with the shipment company to update them with the new address, and so on.

But, all of these can be avoided entirely as these verification tools correct wrong addresses at input time.

4. Bringing Better Conversion Rates

Nearly 30% of customers abandon their shopping carts because of the lengthy process while checking out.

However, a built-in address checker in the eCommerce site can reverse this percentage and even increase it. How?

It is because customers will no longer require to complete the lengthy and complicated process while checking out. Integrating the verification API will simplify the process. As a result, sales will increase, and so will the conversion rates.

Wrapping Up

Address verification brings accurate addresses to your company’s database, which also significantly boosts marketing results. Businesses can use that verified information to nurture customer relationships, encourage loyal customers, and bring customized suggestions and recommendations, among other things.

So, in one way or another, your company will gradually evidence an increase in sales. After all, customers love to feel valued by their favorite eCommerce companies. And these address confirmation tools and services are just one of the parts to ensure that.

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