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Addiction Help Needed and Where You Can Find It

I desperately need help with my addiction. However, many of us are out of luck when it comes to finding affordable and supportive addiction treatment facilities. While it is possible to find some low-cost programs, these programs often cannot provide full-fledged addiction support.

There is no harder role in life than to love an addict. If that person is your spouse or significant other it can be wearing, trying, and financially and emotionally draining. An intervention might be the ideal answer to help get your loved one, friend, or family member off drugs.

Detailed below, you will find all the information you need to decide when to stage an intervention, how to go about it, and what to do afterwards.

Addiction treatment has many facets. Counseling is certainly appropriate, but you also need nutritional and physical support, coping skills development, and strategic planning to help you succeed after you leave the treatment center. These are often not provided in sufficient quantities in low-income treatment facilities.

Because drug Counselling for Addiction has become a big business, many treatment centers today require all payments upfront. If you are lucky enough to have a viable insurance policy, you will most likely have to pay an estimated co-payment before entering the program. Because of this, many addicts end up in hospital psychiatric wards. Here they are evaluated by a psychiatrist and often prescribe medications early in the withdrawal process to help them deal with the natural state of depression.

A recent independent study found that in California, people treated in hospital wards for addiction were prescribed nine different medications to treat depression within a week of quitting illicit drugs. Many of these patients openly question what is the difference between self-medication and drug treatment practices.

While all of this is very exciting but not inspiring, there is still a crisis at the hands of individuals who desperately need long-term intervention and do not have the funds to get the real help they need. Contact your city or township’s local outreach program and you may find a happy medium. More centers will start opening their doors, accepting serious applicants, and rewarding them with affordable payment plans. More centers are desperately needed, but many will not receive repeat applicants. Their theory is that if you have received addiction support available through the state or a private facility and have not been successful, you may not be able to pay your bills when you complete treatment. So, what is an intervention, anyway? This is the name we give to the act of interjecting ourselves into the addict’s life in a way that they cannot deny. If a group of friends, family, or loved ones, come together to tell you that they think you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, you are more likely to sit up and take notice[i]. The intervention usually lasts for an hour or two and consists of people telling you the things they dislike most about your life as an addict.

As addiction support becomes more needed across our society, more centers are finding new ways to open their doors to those who can’t pay upfront but can pay long-term. You may have to take risks like using your home as collateral, but if you’re willing to put in the hard work, addiction help is available.

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