Adam Nasir Reveals How Smarter Contact Has Created Dozens of Millionaires in Real Estate And His Vision To Scale-out His SMS Platform To Other Industries

Adam Nasir, a leading figure in SaaS, has helped dozens of people in the real estate industry to make millions through his outbound SMS marketing software, Smarter Contact. The software helps businesses convert and close more leads through the power of text messages.

Adam does not intend to stop and wants to extend the services to more industries in the coming years. The immediate priority is to make the product an enterprise solution. He intends to make the product available for other industries like ecom, automotive, recruiting, and for real estate agents.


What gets me excited for work every day is solving the hardest problems. I truly enjoy the challenge and that fuels my drive and determination to solve it,” says Adam.

In this day and age, we are always glued to our devices. Smarter Contact puts businesses in front of consumers where they engage the most, their phones. 

It has now become very easy for businesses to build authentic relationships and trust with clients, which turn into profitable sales.  

“Consumers are spending more time than ever on their phones. 

As we follow consumer attention trends, SMS is going to be the MOST effective form of marketing over the coming years” Says Adam.

Adam was a real estate investor for more than 8 years before founding the software. With experience in purchasing and selling hundreds of properties, he discovered a dire need in this industry. The lack of an effective prospecting tool was holding investors back. To solve this issue, he came up with a platform and used it personally. The results were outstanding and he was closing more deals than ever.

After a couple of years, he realized his software can be useful to a lot of people. And that’s when the idea of Smarter Contact was born. At a time when people were using cold calling and email to prospect real estate deals, Adam wanted to introduce something fresh to the industry. Having experience as an investor, Adam knew exactly what they need to address right away.

Many people were trying traditional direct mail and cold calling when prospecting real estate deals. This process is not only time-consuming but inefficient. Smarter Contact not only speeds up the process, but it’s much more efficient and affordable” said Adam.

Time is key in the real estate industry. Investors need to keep in touch with the property owners and sellers waiting for the right time. Smarter Contact helps to cut that prospecting time short significantly. This has been a key to success for all the real estate customers of the company. It helped them make millions without breaking the bank or going through a heavy learning curve.

But that is not the only thing that makes this software a game-changer. Smarter Contact’s skiptracing technology helps investors find out the phone numbers of prospects with a 98% hit rate. With this users can concentrate on their outreach without having to worry about finding the right number.

When I was working on making Smarter Contact the most useful platform for the real estate industry, I tried to solve issues that I personally faced. From an intuitive CRM to track and organize contacts to sending SMS in bulk, we have covered every little aspect an investor needs on a daily basis,” explains Adam. 


After attaining huge success in the Real Estate industry, Smarter Contact now branched out to many other industries. Since 2019 the company has helped generate over $200 million in sales for its customers.


Alongside skiptracing, Smarter Contact includes a built-in CRM system, SMS Automation, custom campaigns, ringless voicemail, and a range of other spectacular features to deliver an all-in-one business package. It supports integration with popular apps like Reisift, Zapier, and HubSpot to allow businesses to build automated workflows and save even more time.


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