Adam Jablin Had Big Shoes to Fill

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Today, Adam Jablin is largely known for his transformational coaching work. As the author of the #1 Best Selling book Lotsaholic: From a Sick to Sober Superman and creator of The Hero Project — a 90-day coaching program that takes people from zero to hero, Adam has made a true difference in the world. This, however, was not the path that was originally chosen – for – him.

Adam Jablin’s family owned the world’s largest lace-manufacturing business. He was supposed to have inherited the venture, and continue running it. “I had huge shoes to fill. But my heart was not into this line of work,” he admits, adding, “I felt so happy when I chose to follow my true calling and go into coaching. When we sold the business, I started The Hero Project. It felt amazing.”

The journey of arriving to that feeling of amazement, however, was arduous. Adam has been through many dark moments in his life. That pervasive, inner darkness overshadowed his outward persona: “I was married and had a wife and a newborn baby. Our house was gorgeous and I was sculpted like a fitness model. You really couldn’t tell there was anything wrong with me at all,” he explains.

For many family members whose family owns family businesses, being inserted into that business is both expected and welcomed, maybe even anticipated. For Adam, this was not the case. On the contrary, at the time of managing the family business, he became miserable and began dealing with this depression with alcohol and drugs. “It was a sickness,” he says, “but then I sought healing and I was given a second chance. I was so close to losing everything! When got clean and sober, I was able to kick ass running the business with spiritual principles”

In addition to those at the rehab program who contributed to his healing, Adam also found spiritual solace from the Hall of Fame rockstar, Dion DiMucci. “He was, and is, such a gift from God to me. Dion really serves as my spiritual father,” Adam asserts. Thanks to his journey to health, Adam got inspired to be a leader and to help many others heal the same way he did. “People need to live in their most authentic way. They need to be at 100%. This is what really brings fulfillment. If you’ve got money, but not spiritual freedom and clarity, you’ll be lost,” he insists.

Though he would see himself as a fearless coach, he would be the first to admit that there is no life without fear, saying, “We will never not experience fear.” A core fear of Adam is slipping into a state of inauthenticity. In his own words, “I’m only afraid of losing myself again by trying to fit someone else’s expectations or tick off boxes that I didn’t set for myself.”

Adam credits his victories to his unwavering mindset. To him, one’s mindset is the motivation to get up every day and keep going. “Your mindset is something that doesn’t change based on emotion,” Adam explains. “You can still be afraid, and that’s okay, but go and do the thing anyway!”

Adam believes that once people start fully accepting themselves with their positive and negative sides, they will truly be free. For example, a person is not ‘free’ to leave if they are not ‘free’ to stay. “You need to make sure that you approve of yourself, no matter who you are,” he says. In the competitive world of coaching, Adam relies on being himself 100%. “I know for a fact that I can work harder than others but when it comes to personality, I don’t want to compare myself to anybody else ever. I stay in my lane,” he shares.

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