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ADABoy Introduces High ADA Rewards on the Binance Smart Chain

ADABoy Token launched on Binance Smart Chain with high ADA rewards for its users. As part of their advanced Ecosystem ADABoy is proud to announce their approach to becoming the ‘Tinder of Crypto’ as they create CryptoMatch. Building on the success of the ADA hype and powered by a finely tuned contract ADABoy at its core is a frictionless yield token which heavily rewards holders in ADA reflections. The CryptoMatch cleverly allows users to select what traits they are seeking in a cryptocurrency investment, whether that’s a memecoin or a utility token, what marketcap you prefer to enter at for example and through a clever algorithm with advanced coding CryptoMatch then presents you with projects that meet your exact criteria. This all takes place within a slick, engaging, user friendly application that resembles dating tools such as Tinder, giving ADABoy the potential to become a household name. Unveiling such an exciting platform with such an array of features opens up huge opportunities for new and existing investors. The founders clearly understand that having a strong team and a proven strategy in place is fundamental to the success of their project. Aligning technological advancements coupled with their passion for innovation they are sure to bring accessibility for unparalleled mass adoption.

ADABoy Token Utility

ADABoy gives one of the highest ADA rewards seen with any project on the Binance Smart Chain, directly rewarding holders with a generous passive income. They introduce a solid product incorporating trust and security from day one by creating something a community of crypto enthusiasts and investors believe in. Their liquidity has been locked until February 2022 with the view to extend, providing additional comfort for investors. ADABoy is very much primed to shake things up in the world of decentralized finance. $ADABoy is a frictionless yield token which rewards holders in ADA. $ADABoy is the native utility token of the ADABoy Ecosystem and it forms the basis of the transaction activities on the platform. ADABoy is an RFI token-based project that has been created on Binance Smart Chain which utilises very low transaction fees. They reward holders with $ADA tokens (BEP20) through static reflections. As such, out of the 11% Buy tax and 12% sell tax, 4% is redistributed (shared) among token holders who hold ADABoy tokens on a percentage basis. Annually you can earn over 424% in earnings, and if you were to reinvest the ADA reflections, that amount could rise to almost 3,700%. Such rates are no longer attainable through traditional centralised financial institutions, yet cryptocurrency solutions like ADAboy provide a cheaper and more effective method to earn a passive income. The token is subject to regular buybacks known as ‘Tower Hours’ by both the team and community members. There are also regular token burns to reduce the ADABoy token supply making this a truly deflationary token. It’s worth noting that investors must hold a minimum of 200k ADAboy tokens to avail of these rewards. $ADABoy is also the native utility token of CryptoMatch and it forms the basis of the transaction activities on the platform making this a true cryptocurrency with actual real world utility.


Formerly known as FDOGE, ADAboy is a new project in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space for fans of Cardano. The team’s focus is on bringing more people to the cryptocurrency industry through meaningful connections with the opportunity to earn a passive income in a safe and secure manner. The CryptoMatch aspect of ADABoy isn’t too dissimilar from using dating apps. However, users are not looking for dates with people but rather crypto projects they are interested in, making this a very unique concept. Interest occurs through swiping right, whereas everything else is swiped left. This popular concept of dating apps with a crypto twist is novel, but places a huge emphasis on helping investors make secure decisions. The ADABoy team executes a strenuous vetting process for all new projects being made accessible through CryptoMatch. Therefore, any rug pull intent or projects not meeting the security requirements will not be added to the platform, ensuring users can easily swipe with peace of mind. Additionally, the ADABoy project has been audited by RugFreeCoins and has a very low-risk rating. The ADABoy concept has many potential use cases and the CryptoMatch service can unlock tremendous future potential for projects and investors alike.

Innovation and the Future

With an eye towards true innovation, coupled with a deep passion for cutting edge technology the ADABoy team have laid the foundation for quite a unique platform. Aside from laying the grounds for an impressive roadmap, through an aggressive marketing push their token has been getting listed across a multitude of coin listings sites. In a bid to bring more visibility to the project, numerous AMAs have taken place giving greater exposure to the project and comfort to investors. Further down the line, ADABoy will work on expanding on the use cases. They will be launching their very own merchandise store creating a strong brand and marketing tool for ADABoy while allowing investors to be proud of their investment. Further development on staking functionality, and exposure to cross-chain ideas and solutions on the Ethereum and Cardano networks is something you will see down the line. Various strategic partnerships and innovative ideas place them in a front-row seat to witness mass adoption.


ADABoy isn’t just another rewards token trying to use smoke and mirrors to sell their product. This is a serious project with an experienced team behind it who have long-term vision of achieving each step of the roadmap. Their use case is unrivalled creating actual utility which is very rare in that space. Currently sitting at just over 3 Million marketcap, I believe this project to be one of the very few that will pass the test of time and surpass all holders’ expectations.

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