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ADA Demon Announces Partnership with Krypto Launcher, Here’s what is expected from it

ADA Demon, a Play-to-Earn immersive game based on a concept never ideated before announces partnership with one of the most successful marketing and advising platforms in the crypto industry Krypto Launcher. With there being so much potential in both these platforms, the partnership will sure be explosive and deliver unparalleled results in the market.

Krypto Launcher specializes in ICO (Initial Coin Offering) and offers unique De-Fi (Decentralized Finance) solutions. Krypto Launcher has been largely successful in every one of its previous partnerships and helped its clients increase their user base and ensured a fair flow of investments. 

Their expertise lies in content marketing, sales-driven marketing, and Exchange listing. We are living in a time where users spend hours on the Internet each day, and proper content marketing through effective channels can be a great way to capture users’ interest and help companies build sustainable brand loyalty. Also, since Krypto Launcher has partnered with several trusted exchanges, it’s a cakewalk for them to get a token listed on some of the most prominent ones, given the token meets the required conditions.

ADA Demon, on the other hand, is a new entrant trying to make it big in the gaming industry. But, the concept, in-game rewards, and benefits have already made it the talk of the town. In a market saturated with Battle Royale games, ADA Demon offers games a refreshingly new concept that users had been waiting for all this while.

ADA Demons is built on the Cardano blockchain and offers a metaverse-based environment. Players start as estranged spirits and try to find their way out of Asphodel, a field full of many such spirits. In a bid to do that, they will have to battle monsters, beseech Gods, and form an effective strategy that gets them out quickly. While playing the game, you will find resources that can be traded or sold to earn real-world assets. Apart from that, there will also be events where players will compete with each other to earn exciting rewards, and the names of the winners will be listed on the leaderboard. 

$AGONY will be the native token for the ecosystem and will be used to reward users, power the in-game ecosystem, and to facilitate transactions. It can also be used to purchase pieces of equipment in the game or modify your avatar. The best part about it is that as soon as more users join the ecosystem, the price of $AGONY will skyrocket resulting in high ROI for those who registered initially. The phrase ‘Early bird catches the worm’ fits perfectly here!

Also, ADA Demon offers users the option to stake their tokens and earn passive rewards. So, instead of having $AGONY tokens lying around in your wallet, you can stake these to earn more tokens. The total supply of $AGONY is capped at 5,000,000,000. And, its tokenomics is designed such that the required amount can be spent on marketing the platform to improve future prospects.

When we take a close look at the partnership between Krypto Launcher and ADA Demons, it is two of the best teams in their respective domains joining hands. ADA Demon has a lot to offer, both to the gaming community and investors. Krypto Launchers, with their expertise in marketing and advertising, can provide the right direction to the campaign. And, given the track record of Krypto Launcher, things sure look bright for the two.

So, if you have been searching for a good Play-to-Earn game that offers high rewards and thrilling gameplay, ADA Demon is the answer. Start early to earn maximum benefits.

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