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Activated Aesthetics Launches Online Fitness Training for Individuals, Couples, and Groups

KILLEEN, TX–Activated Aesthetics, the fitness center owned and operated by veterans Dean Patrick Werner II and his wife Saori Werner, has begun offering Zoom training sessions for individuals, couples, and groups across the United States. The one-hour sessions, which are led by Dean and Saori, focus on strength training, cardio, weight loss, yoga, and bodybuilding.

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Activated Aesthetics is located in Killeen near Fort Hood in Central Texas, and its clients include active service people, veterans, police officers, veteran seniors, and youth. Dean explains that they have begun offering online sessions in order to help more people with their fitness goals. 

“Over the past six months in particular, we have seen a surge in interest in online training because of its convenience and ability to be incorporated in a busy lifestyle,” he explains. “We decided to adapt our program for Zoom so that we could bring our services to the palms of our clients’ hands.”

Depending on the client’s preferences, each session can be led by Dean, Saori, or both. Workout plans are customized and can include boot camps, boxing, nutritional suggestions, and meal plans along with weight training and different forms of cardio exercise.

“One of our biggest goals is to cultivate each person’s motivation to work out, which we understand can be hard to find when we all have so much competing for our attention each day,” says Saori. “That’s why we try to listen closely and understand an individual’s goals, which helps us to support them with each online session.”

Anyone who is interested in virtual fitness training is invited to reach out to Activated Aesthetics at 225-288-9427. The trainers can accommodate a variety of time zones and schedules and can suggest workout equipment to be used at home.

Activated Aesthetics was founded by Dean and Saori Werner, an interracial couple who are veterans of the United States Army Active Service. The fitness center guides active service people, veterans, law enforcement officials, seniors, youth, and the local community to succeed on their fitness journeys. Its programs include weight loss, strength training, fitness motivation, yoga, boot camps, boxing, nutrition, meal plans, and online coaching for couples and individuals.

For more information about Activated Aesthetics, please follow it on Instagram or contact:

Dean Werner II, Activated Aesthetics 


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