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Action Alerts PLUS Review 2023 | Is This Trade Alert Tool the Real Deal?

Action Alerts PLUS Review | Is This Trade Alert Tool the Real Deal?

Do you know what would be great? That’s finding a simple way to stay updated with the stock market without gluing yourself to business news or stressing over indicators.

It can be tedious to keep up with the ever-changing world of stocks. That’s why there are trade alert solutions that can help you with this.

One such financial tool is Action Alerts PLUS by Jim Cramer. It’s a newsletter packed with investment advice straight from the mind of Cramer himself, who’s got some killer strategies under his belt.

But it’s possible you’re just hearing about Action Alerts PLUS for the first time and wondering how the platform works.

So, stick around on this Action Alerts PLUS review; it’ll give you a good overview of what this platform can do for you.

What is Action Alert PLUS?

Action Alert PLUS is a newsletter run by Jim Cramer himself. Jim shares his thoughts on which stocks to buy and sell, and the portfolios he thinks are perfect for investing in.

But there’s more to it. There’s this super knowledgeable team led by Cramer, who dives deep into analyzing how the stocks in the portfolio are performing.

Cramer puts his money where his mouth is by executing his recommendations in the Action Alerts PLUS Charitable Trust. This way, he keeps his interests aligned with yours.

Now, if you’re a beginner looking to become a long-term investor, this platform is perfect. Why? Because you’ll have experts guiding you every step of the way.

How Action Alert PLUS Works

The Arena Group oversees this platform after they bought it from Jim Cramer in 2021. The main guys behind it are Bob Lang and Chris “Bulldog” Versace, who have over fifty years of combined trading experience.

The cool thing about Action Alerts PLUS is that it lets you peek into TheStreet’s portfolio. You can follow it as closely or as loosely as you’d like.

You should read our TheStreet review. We’ve shared a great deal there about the platform.

Their holdings are spread across nine S&P sectors and focus more on the ones where they see the most growth potential. They also adjust positions quite often.

Here’s the deal: when the portfolio changes and they make trades, you’ll get notifications as an Action Alerts PLUS member.

It means you can keep up with what’s happening, but just a heads-up, it might take a good chunk of your time if you want to mirror their trades all the time.

Features of Action Alerts PLUS

You know Action Alerts PLUS has some competition, like The Motley Fool and Morningstar, right? But they have some features that make them stay relevant in the competition. Let’s have a look at these features:

1. Portfolio

You’ll get access to a list of all the stocks that Cramer and his team at recommend. It’s in a spreadsheet format, making it easy to see how each stock is doing.

You’ll see the gain or loss, the price target they suggest, and how much weight it has in the portfolio. Plus, you can get a sense of their history with each stock by checking out their past positions and trades.

2. Weekly Roundups

They’ll give you an in-depth analysis of the overall market and economy every week. These roundups cover vital economic drivers, global events, the stock market, and how investors react to profit reports.

3. Member Forum

In this forum, you can ask questions directly to the analysis team, and they’ll answer you. It’s not like those other forums where users answer each other’s questions.

4. Alerts and Analysis

When Cramer makes a recommendation, you’ll get alerts in the form of short paragraphs explaining his reasoning. And with the analysis, they’ll keep you informed about what’s happening in the stock market.

Remember that you might need extra reading, like news articles or previous newsletters, to get the complete picture.

So, what do you think? The features are pretty handy, right?

Action Alerts PLUS Cost

So, you might be wondering about the cost of Action Alerts PLUS, right? Well, like most newsletters, it does require a subscription.

But here’s the good news: they offer a free two-week trial. You can test the waters before committing to a subscription.

When you’re ready to join the Action Alerts PLUS investing club, you have three options to choose from:

  • Monthly Billing: $29.99 per month
  • Annual Billing: $16.67 per month
  • Two-Year Billing: $12.50 per month

As you can see, if you go for the one-year or two-year subscription, you’ll save quite a bit. Not too shabby.

Pros of Action Alerts PLUS

  • A skilled management team and a varied portfolio
  • Real-time notifications via text or email
  • Daily video summary of market events
  • Around-the-clock access to the portfolio
  • Two-week free trial and attractive pricing

Cons of Action Alerts PLUS

  • Can be time-consuming
  • Requires traders to be relatively active

Is Action Alerts PLUS the Real Deal?

If you’re wondering if Action Alerts PLUS is the real deal, it honestly depends on your specific needs and what you’re looking for.

If you’re an active trader who wants to align your portfolio with TheStreet’s Action Alerts PLUS portfolio, this could be a perfect match. You’ll have 24/7 portfolio access and real-time updates to stay in the loop.

Of course, there’s plenty of competition in the stock-picking service space, and some other platforms might offer more extensive services or lower prices.

You can use the 14-day trial period to see how it works.

Check out Action Alerts PLUS by clicking here and see if it’s the stocking-picking service you’ve been yearning for.

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